A4 Self-adhesive Magnetic Sheet .8mm (1 per pack)

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Product Code 59050A4
Weight 200 gm
Style A4 Self-adhesive Magnetic Sheet .8mm (1 per pack)
Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the backing only
Dimensions Width: 210mm
Length: 297mm
Thickness: 0.8mm
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Magnetic Product Description:

This A4 Self-adhesive Magnetic Sheet (1 per pack) has a thickness of 0.8mm, a width of 210mm and a length of 297mm. Adhesive side is non-magnetic. Constructed from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix, this self-adhesive magnetic sheet is manufactured to provide good demagnetization resistance & reasonable resistance to chemical agents. Both sides of this product are brown, once you peel away the white adhesive backing. Identified by the AMF Magnets part number 59050A4. Product not compatible with all photo paper.

Uses for our A4 self-adhesive magnetic sheets:

Did someone say Brand? Yes we did. In product number 59049/15 we explained how rolls of self-adhesive magnetic sheets are used to build your brand in the first of four stages.

This first phase, STRATEGY, used self-adhesive magnetic segments attached to ideas to create a single iconic expression or autograph to your brand. Then in product number 59050M we learnt about phase two. PROTOTYPE.

This stage produces mock-ups of corporate kits using the proposed brand inscribed on calendars, business cards, style guides and a brand book for distribution to the homes and offices of stakeholders with self-adhesive magnetic segments stuck on the back for high visibly and durability.

In the third phase, BRAND, these self-adhesive magnetic sheets, 297mmx210mm are used on packaging and promotional materials to enhance the visibility, durability, sustainability and ease of use for calendars, brochures, business cards, menus and theatre and sport tickets.

The brand has been chosen (STRATEGY) using magnetic self-adhesive segments during the brain storm session on a magnetic drawing board. The branding iron itself has been forged in the furnace of stakeholder opinion (PROTOTYPE) and now, hold still, the brand identity is seared onto every item representing the business (BRAND).

Your brand, from letterheads to bulkheads, from pens and packing boxes, to billboards and cinema screens and back again and everything in between fastened with magnetic bond. Safe and secure, sure and certain. The method is bond. Magnetic bond. In stage four product code RP3020. ACTIVATION.

Note: It may not be compatible with some high gloss photo paper.

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