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Alnico Cylinder Magnets - 6mm x 6mm

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Product Code44031
Pull Force*0.030kg
Weight2 gm
StyleAlnico Cylinder Magnets

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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cylinder magnet dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This alnico cylinder magnet has a diameter of 6mm and a height of 6mm. It is identified by the Amf magnets part number 44031-XX.

Uses for our alnico cylinder magnets:

Alnico magnets housed in gauges meters and valves, help regulate the moving components of these vital instruments that monitor the volume, the temperature and pressure of all types of machinery and equipment helping to keep the modern world modern.

Operating within their known push and pull tolerances, alnico magnets allow engineers and industrial designers to produce sensitive, accurate and durable sensors and instruments for the safe operation of infrastructure like cargo ships, bridges and dams, refinery plants and silos as well as processing plants and machines in small and large businesses who rely on accurate measurements of all kinds for safe and sustainable operation.

Alnico magnets, along with other magnetic technologies have been instrumental in making possible the recording and broadcast of recorded sound. The emergence of magnetic tape in the 1930’s gave life to the idea of a recording artist, as distinct to artists. Recording artists could inscribe their performances once in the studio on magnetic tape for endless repetition at the same fidelity.

Magnetically abled devices, referred to as pick-ups are housed within many instruments to modulate and amplify sound for broadcast or recording purposes. The pick-ups’ magnetic field vibrates at the same frequency as the notes of the instrument.

More magnets embedded in speaker configurations and allied audio equipment improve the signal to noise ratio, or SNR in science and engineering jargon. Signal refers to good audio information, and noise to bad audio information. Alnico and other types of magnets help modify, amplify and record broadcast sound.

Specialist engineering applications. High temperature resistance.

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