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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Online Shop

  1. AMF Magnetics ISO9001:2015 certified
  2. AMF Magnetics HACCP certified
  3. AMF Magnets recognized as Google Trusted Store
  4. Wholesale Magnets
  5. Bulk Magnets

Customer applications

  1. Magnets for holding origami creations
  2. Pot magnets for roller doors
  3. Magnets for compasses
  4. Magnetic Grate Assembly
  5. AMF rescues turbulence tower in Queensland!

Technical Information

  1. What are magnets?
  2. Technical Information for magnets
  3. Magnets Safety Warning
  4. Glossary of magnet terminology
  5. Directions of magnetisation

Neodymium Disc

  1. Magnets for holding origami creations
  2. Neodymium Disc magnets to prevent blinds clattering against window
  3. Magnets for hanging posters
  4. Rare earth disc magnets for holding up fabric
  5. Can rare earth magnets keep a metallic drawer closed?

Magnetic Tape System Magnafix

  1. Difference between Magnetic Tape Part A and B
  2. Magnafix for secondary glazing into a bedroom
  3. Magnafix tape to use acrylic sheet as a secondary glazing system
  4. Self adhesive magnet roll that sticks very well to walls
  5. Magnafix for acrylic sheets as secondary glazing

Self-adhesive magnetic strips & tape

  1. Magnetic strip to attach a planner to a wooden door
  2. Magnetic strips to be used on a whiteboard
  3. Is it hard to cut magnetic tape?

Magnetic Separators

  1. Options to separate magnetic contaminates
  2. Separation magnets for conveyor belts
  3. Magnetic separator equipment
  4. Strong rare earth magnets for mineral separation

Magnetic Sheeting self-adhesive

  1. Magnet material suitable for vehicle doors
  2. Can I stick self-adhesive magnetic sheets onto a painted plaster wall?
  3. Magnetic sheeting to stick to a non-magnetic wall
  4. Can magnetic sheeting be written on with whiteboard marker?

Neodymium Holding Pots

  1. Magnet to clip onto a clipper blade
  2. Magnets that can hold galvanized steel templates to a steel tank
  3. Rare Earth Rectangular Pot Magnets

Magnetic Patches

  1. Magnetic stickers to stick them on the back of a photo
  2. Magnetic Tape to stick on to advertising flyers
  3. Rectangular custom badges

Magnetic Swarf Cleaner

  1. Magnet that will attract staples

Magnetic Labels

  1. Can your C-Channel Magnetic Label Holder Strips be cut into smaller strips?
  2. Do your magnetic labels have dry erase capability to write on and wipe off?
  3. Magnets for name tags

Magnetic Carabiner Hook

  1. Type of magnets to use when scuba diving

Magnetic Stud Finder

  1. Rare earth block for detecting broken nails in wood
  2. Magnets to locate steel studs through gyprock walls

Neodymium Cylinders

  1. Neodymium magnet to use in a Lenz's law demonstration for physics class
  2. Magnet to hold artwork in frames

Printable Magnetic Paper & Sheets

  1. Can the magnetic paper be printed on a laser printer?
  2. Do printable magnetic sheets only work with inkjet printer?
  3. Can the magnetic labels be printed on?
  4. Do you have A4 sheets of magnetic paper - coloured?
  5. Magnetic sheets for yearly calendars

Shower Screen Magnetic Tape Seal Kit

  1. Magnetic strips for shower doors

Magnetic Sweepers

  1. Magnetic sweeper that will be strong enough to pick up lead and metal

Magnetic Pick Up Tools

  1. Tools to pick up pins from the floor
  2. Magnetic system to unload 6m long bundles of metal tubing from a container

Ferrite Disc Magnets

  1. Do you sell Barium Ferrite magnets?
  2. Ferrite magnets to close a Westinghouse oven door
  3. Very strong magnet to pick up any grains of metal and keeps its magnetic force when engine gets hot

Ring Magnets

  1. Radially Magnetised Ring Magnets

Magnet Shapes

  1. Disc Magnets
  2. Ring Magnets
  3. Pot Magnets
  4. Block Magnets
  5. Arc Magnets

Magnet Grades

  1. Magnet Grades
  2. N52 Neodymium Magnets

Magnet Types

  1. Flexible Magnets
  2. Magnetic Tape
  3. Point of Sale Displays
  4. Strong Magnets
  5. Lifting Magnets
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