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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor applications

  1. Securing your gate with magnetic gate latches
  2. Humid environment coatings
  3. Marine applications
  4. Fishing Magnets

Automotive: Cars, Trucks, Caravans, Campervans

  1. Magnetic sheeting for vehicle doors - cars, trucks, buses, campervans
  2. A magnetic pick-up tool for mechanics
  3. Fitting fly screens to a car, van or caravan windows

Industrial and Commercial Processes

  1. Separating magnetic contaminates and minerals
  2. Detecting broken nails in wood
  3. Water: hard water, water softening
  4. Food processing
  5. Cutlery catch

Home DIY

  1. What is the best product for magnetically attaching a flyscreen to a window frame?
  2. What is the most suitable product for installing retrofit double glazing on my windows?
  3. Solution for holding blinds and shutters in place
  4. Holding your shower door closed
  5. What is the most suitable magnet for holding my oven door closed?

Printing on magnets

  1. Can I print on the magnetic paper or magnetic sheet with a Laser or Inkjet printer?
  2. What GSM is the magnetic paper?
  3. Can you print directly onto labels?

Magnetic Sheeting

  1. Magnetic Sheets Table
  2. Magnetic Sheeting - An explanation of the different types of sheeting
  3. What is the difference between 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm thick sheeting?
  4. Whiteboard markers - is there any residue or ghosting left following use?

Custom Made Magnets

  1. Magnetic Grate Assembly
  2. Ordering custom cut labels
  3. Order Neodymium, Ferrite or Alnico magnets in a custom size

Education and Science

  1. Halbach Array
  2. Lenz’s law demonstration
  3. Levitate a magnet
  4. Making a compass

Art and craft

  1. Lightweight objects such as paper and card
  2. Artwork display
  3. Display and wearing war medals
  4. Storing metal scrapbooking dyes
  5. Stitch magnets in fabric

Self-adhesive magnetic strips & tape

  1. Magnafix - A description of the A & B tape system
  2. How to cut the magnetic tape to length
  3. Will the magnetic tape work with a layer between the tape?
  4. Does the magnetic strip need to attach to metal?
  5. Does the adhesive stick to walls?

Magnetic Labels

  1. Can you print directly onto labels?
  2. What if I can't find the right size label?
  3. Ordering custom cut labels
  4. Can whiteboard markers be used on labels?

More FAQ

  1. Magnets for holding origami creations
  2. Difference between Magnetic Tape Part A and B
  3. Magnetic strips for shower doors
  4. Magnetic strip to attach a planner to a wooden door
  5. Options to separate magnetic contaminates

About Our Online Shop

  1. AMF Magnetics ISO9001:2015 certified
  2. AMF Magnetics HACCP certified
  3. AMF Magnets recognized as Google Trusted Store
  4. Wholesale Magnets
  5. Bulk Magnets

Technical Information

  1. What are magnets?
  2. Technical Information for magnets
  3. Magnets Safety Warning
  4. Glossary of magnet terminology
  5. Directions of magnetisation

Magnet Types

  1. Flexible Magnets
  2. Magnetic Tape
  3. Point of Sale Displays
  4. Strong Magnets
  5. Lifting Magnets

Magnet Shapes

  1. Disc Magnets
  2. Ring Magnets
  3. Pot Magnets
  4. Block Magnets
  5. Arc Magnets
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