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Magnet Applications

Magnets are used in just about every product imaginable. Rarely do you see them as they are often used as a component inside other components, for example in electronic switches.

Below is a brief list of goods and services that Magnets are used in everyday:

Neodymium Ferrite Alnico Samarium Flexible
rare earth magnets ferrite magnets alnico magnets samarium cobalt magnets flexible magnets
  • Magnetic separators
  • Water conditioning
  • Computer disc drives
  • Speakers
  • Servo motors
  • Acrylic panels
  • Binder closure
  • POS Displays
  • Flow control systems
  • Metal separation
  • Mining Construction
  • Designing
  • Printing
  • Generators
  • Holding and other industrial purposes.
  • Magnetic separators
  • DC Motors
  • Magnetos
  • Door catches
  • Water conditioning
  • Speakers
  • Switches
  • Craft
  • Games for kids
  • Science experiments Therapeutic uses
  • General industrial purposes
  • Guitar pick-ups
  • Security sensors
  • Coin acceptors
  • Relays
  • Controls
  • Cow magnets
  • Jigs & fixtures, holding and Gripping applications
  • Educational facilities
  • Experimental applications
  • Marine applications
  • Medical
  • High performance motors
  • Accelerometers and gyroscopes - in aircraft, marine and spacecraft
  • Hole drilling
  • POS Displays
  • Fridge magnets
  • Custom extrusions
  • Promotional magnets Invitations, Business cards Identifiers
  • Car signs
  • Craft
  • Arts
  • General hobbies Other commercial purposes
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