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Magnets for Flyscreens

  • I'm trying to fit a fly screen to the window of a car door using magnets to secure the material to the metal side of the door at the bottom. I intend to do at least 3 of the doors. Could you please advise me of the most effective and inexpensive magnet?

You could try this tape our Magnafix 12.5mm x 1.6 mm with 3M adhesive as we sell a lot of it for this purpose.


  • I am trying to fit a fly screen to the car door of the motor home what is the best magnet type to seal the fly screen to the car door (only in Camping mode not driving)

You can use our Flexible Magnetic Tape Magnafix.

  • I want to construct some magnetically held bug screens (onto my aluminium windows). Do you sell magnetic tape that has a self adhesive tape face which I can attach to the window and then another self adhesive magnetic tape that I can attach to the bug.

Yes, our Magnafix tapes are designed with this sort of application in mind, you can have a look at them at Magnetic Tape System Magnafix.

  • Our aluminium flyscreen doors keep flying open. Do you have a very thin magnetic product that i could stick to the door and door frame so they remain shut when there is wind but easy to open and close?

Our Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape will do the trick.

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