Female Thread Neodymium Pot - Diameter 43mm x 5mm with Rubber Case

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Product Code RCND43F
Pull Force 9kg
Weight 36 gm
Style Rare Earth female thread pot magnet
Grade N35
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised through the 6mm
Dimensions Height: Post height 5mm
Thickness: 5mm
Diameter: 43mm
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Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth female threaded pot magnet has a diameter of 43mm, a post height of 5mm, a base thickness of 5mm, a M4 female thread, and a Santoprene rubber coating that protects delicate surface areas. This female threaded magnet has a pull force of 9kg and a weight of 36 grams. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number RCND43F. Threaded hooks and eyelets are sold separately for this product, if required. Get in touch with us for pricing.

Uses for our Rare Earth female thread pot magnets:

These magnetic forms are often used to create a fixing point. Attached to magnetic surfaces, on a vehicle, metal shelving, inside mobile homes, or portable dwellings associated with mining and construction sites, utility rooms, and commercial cool rooms and in many retail environments, these devices create a permanent or temporary threaded void for fixing into.

On construction sites this includes fixings points for safety barriers and weather screens. Attached to metal door and window frames, these fixing points are used to fix sheets of ply or similar protecting openings in buildings under construction from thieves and inclement weather. This method, protecting the metal frame, is easy to open and close, and has the advantage of postponing the glazing scope of works until later in the building process.

Inside shipping containers, portable dwellings and mobile homes and caravans, these fixing points are secure, sensitive to sensitive surfaces, and do not penetrate the wall, ceiling or floor. The rubber coating protects sensitive surfaces like glass and plastic panels. For attachment to these surfaces, a magnet is required on both sides of the panel to effect fastening.

For truckers, campers and emergency services, these devices effect a secure fixing point for temporary containment lines, signs and flashing lights while protecting highly finished painted vehicle finishes via the rubber coating.

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