Female Thread Neodymium Pot - Diameter 88mm x 8mm with Rubber Case

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Product Code RCND88F
Pull Force 42 kg
Weight 210 gm
Style Rare Earth female thread pot magnet
Grade N35
Coating Santoprene Rubber
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised through the 8mm
Dimensions Height: 8.3mm
Diameter: 88mm
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Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth female threaded pot magnet has a diameter of 88mm, a thickness of 8.3mm, a M6 female thread, and a Santoprene rubber coating that protects delicate surface areas. This female threaded magnet has a pull force of 42kg and a weight of 210 grams. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number RCND88F. Threaded hooks and eyelets are sold separately for this product, if required. Get in touch with us for pricing.

Uses for our Rare Earth female thread pot magnets:

These rubber coated neodymium pot magnets are often used as anchor points to fix into in order to protect buildings under construction. To secure a building under construction from thieves and weather, these magnets are placed on the interior of metal door and window frames.

Sections of plywood are then screwed into the magnet’s central thread, closing the door or window void. Opening and closing the void for the duration can only be performed from the interior of the site with a screwdriver. The rubber coating on this very strong magnet protects the frames. This method, while safe and secure, easy to open or close, allows fragile glazing (glass products) to be installed once all the dirty and destructive construction work has concluded.

Clung onto steel structures like door, window frames, elevator housings and steel columns, these magnets with a central thread constitute anchors for securing safety railings or barriers.

For attachment of bouquets of flowers, decorations, fabrics to glass panels for celebrations, privacy and sun screens or weather screens these magnets are safe and secure, permanent and removable. Where metal strike is possible, in automotive and agricultural settings, or where water ingress may be an issue like aquariums and swimming pools these pot magnets can be very helpful.

In vehicle cabins like trucks and on ships or on window and door frames in leased premises, these magnets allow for temporary privacy or sun screens to be suspended with no scratching or damaging of surfaces clung to with rubber coated magnetic engagement.

Our rare earth holding pot magnets (Female Thread) are designed for screwing objects into. These Neodymium holding pot magnets are high strength rare earth magnets in a durable Santoprene rubber coating which protects against delicate surface areas.

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