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Ferrite Block Magnet - 25mm x 11mm x 5mm

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Product Code12125
Pull Force*0.5 kg
Weight7 gm
StyleFerrite block magnet
Direction of MagnetisationMagnetised through the 5mm height/thickness
DimensionsWidth: 11mm
Height: 5mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite block magnet has a 25mm length, an 11mm width and a height of 5mm. This ferrite magnet has a Y30BH Anisotropic grade, a magnetic flux reading of 1973 Gauss and a pull force of 0.5kg. It is identified by the Amf magnets part number 12125.

Uses for our ferrite block magnets:

Ventilation systems are often installed on a customised basis. That is, ventilation component parts are installed in a configuration that by necessity suits the space available to vent waste gasses. As with any customised on-site assembly, especially in ceiling cavities and sub floor spaces, flexibility, adaptability and a range of holding and fixing options are very useful in bringing in ventilation installations on time and on budget.

Magnets, like these ferrite block magnets, 25mm in length, 11mm in width and 5mm in height provide options to hold, join and secure constituent components of the ventilation assembly. The sections of ducting required to transport waste gasses from car parks, wet areas, kitchens, spray booths and hazardous industrial spaces may need adjustment during assembly.

Magnets can be deployed as hold agents while the preferred configuration is in progress. Magnetic engagement allows a slide or shuffle movement, an intuitive clamping method while adjustments are made as assembly proceeds. This method of engagement allows individual sections to move within the pull force of the magnets, holding again once the new position has been arrived at. Often installed in confined spaces, ventilation shafts can be quickly assembled using magnets to hold the sections in place, disengaging once a fixture has been committed.

Permanent and removable, magnets can constitute the fastening method itself, without the need for power tools. Magnets constitute an affordable, reliable, durable and adjustable fastening method helping to reduce the time and effort required to install ventilation and ducting systems into a never ending variety of configurations and spaces.

Our large ferrite block magnets are often used in sweeping and separation applications. Smaller ferrite block magnets are commonly used in DC motors, as sensors and in various hand crafts. Any machining of ferrite blocks must be done with a diamond wheel, ideally before magnetisation, as they are hard and brittle. Some applications for these ferrite block magnets are: door closures, hobby, craft.

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