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Ferrite Block Magnet - 25mm x 19mm x 4mm (ISO)

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Product Code12101
Pull Force*0.57 kg
Weight9 gm
StyleFerrite block magnet ISO
GradeY10 Isotropic
Direction of MagnetisationMagnetised through the 4mm height/thickness
DimensionsWidth: 19mm
Height: 4mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite block magnet has a 25mm length, a 19mm width and a height of 4mm. It has a magnetic flux reading of 1964 Gauss and is identified by the AMF magnet part number 12101.

Uses for our ferrite block magnets:

Installers of marble and granite or synthetic stone materials locate, cut, fit and secure the material with a variety of fastening methods. Magnets like these ferrite block magnets, 25mm long x 19mm wide and 4mm in height are sometimes embedded at the point of manufacture in kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, steps and other platforms as an alternative to glueing or screwing where desirable.

Stone, natural or man-made, is prized for its brilliance and variety of colours. Durable and resistant to staining, these smooth monolithic surfaces are non-porous, easy to clean and require little or no maintenance. However, installed where hygiene, infection and contamination protocols are necessary to conform to health and safety rules, magnets constitute a peerless method of fastening and releasing.

For kitchens and bathrooms and work surfaces in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and laboratories regular cleaning and sterilising procedures demand a fastening system that is both permanent and removable. Ferrite block magnets embedded in constituent componentry including stone materials of all kinds, offer a secure and permanent hold until the desired pull or release force is applied to effect disassembly.

Component parts and the structures that support them are then subject to thorough inspection and cleansing. Magnetic engagement allows for fuss-free reassembly in quick time, reducing the costs involved in regular cleaning chores.

Magnets engage by bond rather than tie, avoiding as far as possible piercing the materials where water ingress could encourage grime accumulation. Ferrite block magnets, permanent and removable, provide a hidden or secret fixing system desired by many clients and offer a negotiable fastening method, unlike masonry glue. This method allows for minor adjustments during the installation process, shortly afterwards, or substitute for a replacement piece of stone without too much material waste, penalty or drama.

Some applications for ferrite block magnets are: door closures, hobbies and crafts.

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  1. Beveled edges not suitable
    The beveled edges of these magnets reduce the clamping power when used on edge as I some times have to use them in building model aircraft.

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