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Ferrite Cylinder Magnet - 22mm x 25mm

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Product Code11029
Weight48 gm
StyleFerrite Cylinder magnet
Direction of MagnetisationAxially magnetised thru the height
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ferrite cylinder magnet dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite cylinder magnet has a diameter of 22mm and a height of 25mm. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 11029 and has a pull force of 2 kg.

Uses for Ferrite cylinder magnets:

Ferrite cylinder magnets are often used in reed switches in electrical systems. A reed switch is influenced by the presence or proximity to magnetic force to open or close an electrical circuit. A reed switch has two possible configurations. In a resting position the reed switch does not complete the electrical circuit. Electrical current cannot pass through the reed switch. Gate closed. The device is off.

Proximity to a ferrite cylinder magnet like this one, forces the reed switch to make positive contact or engagement, completing the electrical circuit and allowing electrical current to pass through the reed switch. The gate is open. The device is on. When the magnetic field is withdrawn, the reed switch disengages to its resting position, breaching the circuit. The device is now off.

The push and pull force of magnetic power in this context represents one aspect of the harnessing of magnetic power. This gate open/gate close function triggered by proximity to magnetic fields is represented in thousands of different applications, from changing railway track configurations to allow locomotives access to a different section of the rail network to communication devices for intuitive off/on switching (lifting the lid of laptops).

This gate open/gate closed method of course is not new. For centuries, separating stock, cows from their calves for weaning for example, a series of gates within stockyards opened and closed when necessary for the purpose of separation or drafting. What was new was using magnets to open and close gates on electrical circuity using reed switches on an intuitive or pre-determined basis.

Electrical circuits were able to be regulated by predetermined proximity to magnetic force fields. Magnets, including these ferrite cylinder magnets 22mm in height and 25mm in height, are vital in DC or direct current motors in most white goods appliances and power tools the world over. Magnetic engagement is permanent and removable, safe and secure, reliable and reusable.

Ferrite cylinder magnets, despite being rather brittle, are used in a variety of applications ranging from reed switches to hobby-crafts.

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