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Ferrite Disc Magnet - 22mm x 3mm Diammetric

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Product Code10017
Pull Force*0.39 kg
Weight5 gm
StyleFerrite Disc magnet double pole
Direction of MagnetisationDiammetric

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Disc Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

Here at AMF Magnetics we have a very large range of magnets and magnetic products, most of our disc magnets are magnetised axially, which means they are magnetized through the circular faces. These Diametric Ferrite Magnets are magnetised diametrically, or along the diameter, so the north pole is entirely on one side of the disc and the south pole is on the other side (split through the middle)! This magnet specifically has a diameter of 22mm, a height of 3mm and has a magnetic flux reading of 1995 Gauss.

Uses for our ferrite disc magnets:

These diametrically magnetised ferrite magnets are used in applications where there needs to be some kind of rotational movement. Due to their unique magnetisation, they are often used as vital components within a rotational device or small motors. The materials that Ferrite magnets consist of are low in cost and easy to source, making these magnets in particular quite affordable and one of the most popular magnets in our range! .

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