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Ferrite Pot Magnet - 88mm x 18.5mm

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Product Code89030
Pull Force*30 kg
Weight500 gm
StyleFerrite Pot magnet
Direction of MagnetisationAxially magnetised thru the 20mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Ferrite pot dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite pot magnet has a diameter of 88mm, a height of 18.5mm and a pull force of 30kg. It has a 32mm magnet bore and a 13.6mm pot bore. This ferrite magnet is identified by the AMF magnet part number 89030.

Uses for our ferrite pot magnets:

Heavy underground mining machinery includes drilling machines, diesel powered custom built people carriers, and large squat front loading bucket vehicles. Bulk material handling systems, conveyer belt and associated rolling assemblies of all kinds, including purpose built train and rail networks spanning hundreds of miles of desert are just a few pieces of the machinery using plenty of these ferrite pot magnets.

They don’t do things by halves in underground mining and pot magnets with a muscular pull force of 30 kg underline the brute force required to excavate millions of tonnes of coal from deep in the earth and transported around the world.

Heavy equipment with many moving parts require magnets of all kinds to regulate these percussive, lifting, holding and release components in a reliable, intuitive manner for the smooth expression of mechanical power.

Magnets, releasing their grip at a known or predetermined pull force also act as failsafe release protocols in order to protect machines that can cost a few million US dollars to purchase new. Housed in the machines themselves, these ferrite pot magnets house a central void to allow fixture to nonmagnetic surfaces with a screw, bolt or rivet.

For the suspension of signs throughout the mine site, or attached to vehicles and equipment and attached to accommodation buildings, some pot magnets also accept a threaded hook or eyelet to provide an additional holding option. For suspending safety netting to contain spilling material, stringing lighting assemblies and leads or illuminated tape, magnetic engagement are a fastening method that is permanent and removable, safe and secure, reliable and reusable.

Underground mining is very difficult work. Dirty, heavy and dangerous, underground mining and its associated industries rely on the convenience and versatility of magnets to reduce the risk, cost and degree of difficulty inherent in this most hazardous of enterprises.


ModelNo. D d1

Magnet Bore

Pot Bore H Pull force Weight (g)
89016 40   8.6mm M5 thread 8 7 kg 0.0950
89017 25   C/sunk 4.8 8   0.0170
89018 32   C/sunk 5.8 7   0.0280
89019 36   9mm hole 4.8 7   0.0370
89020 55   22mm 4.6 11 12 kg 0.0600
89030 88   32mm 13.6 18.5 30 kg 0.0700
89031 90 18 C/sunk 10 12 30 kg 0.0700
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