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Ferrite Pot Magnet - 90mm x 12mm Countersunk

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Product Code 89031
Pull Force* 30kg
Weight 400 gm
Style Ferrite pot magnet countersunk
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised thru the 12mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Ferrite pot dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This ferrite pot magnet has a diameter of 90mm, a height of 12mm and a pull force of 30kg. It has a countersunk magnet bore and a 4.6mm pot bore. This ferrite magnet is identified by the AMF magnet part number 89031. 

Uses for our ferrite pot magnets:

Companies using rubber, foam and vinyl to make products like swimming pools and spas, all types of mattresses and floor coverings respectively, are used to the jokes and puns flooding and laying around their industry. Our products are rubbery but our prices aren’t. Just give us a foam call from any foam booth? You’ll be floored by our nonslip surface solutions.

It’s no laughing matter however when these ferrite pot magnets with their brute pull force of 30 kg are deployed the workshop as hold and release agents in the production chain as foam, rubber, vinyl and other synthetic materials are milled, machined and manufactured.

Engaged as clamps for securing machinery to work benches and as clamps to hold material stationary, these ferrite pot magnets, some able to take a threaded hook or eyelet fixed at its centre, provide a very secure hold and quick release, constituting an intuitive lock and release agency.

Ferrite pot magnets are also housed in many of the machines themselves to regulate the moving parts in a reliable, durable smooth expression of mechanical power. Magnets regulating moving parts of cutting, milling and stitching equipment release their grip at a known pull force protecting sensitive components from the full force of mechanical power in a jamming or surge event.

DC or Direct Current motors drive many manufacturing machines as well as pumps and filters for pools and spas. These types of motors rely on magnetic fields created by magnets in order to operate. Signage on the vehicles of companies using rubber, foam and vinyl materials are often affixed with magnetic sheeting as a permanent and removable fastening method that inflicts minimum material penalty when removed or replaced or repositioned on the vehicles surface. This particular ferrite pot magnet is available with a customised cover to prevent chipping and scratching increasing its longevity. The product code for the protective cover (90mmx12mm) is 89032.

Our ferrite pot magnets have a mild steel casing over a ferrite ring magnet with a round central hole for fixing a bolt, rivet or screw, for attaching to non-magnetic surfaces. With no moving parts this ferrite pot magnet requires no maintenance beyond ensuring the magnet is clean before use.


ModelNo. D d1

Magnet Bore

Pot Bore H Pull force Weight (g)
89016 40   8.6mm  M5 thread 8 7 Kg 0.0950
89017 25    C/sunk 4.8 8   0.0170
89018 32    C/sunk 5.8 7   0.0280
89019 36    9mm hole 4.8 7   0.0370
89020 55   22mm 4.6 11 12 Kg 0.0600
89030 88   32mm 13.6 18.5 30 Kg 0.0700
89031 90 32  C/sunk 4.6 12 30 Kg 0.0700
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