Magnafix - 25mm x 1.6mm - 30m Roll w/3M Adhesive | PART A

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Product Code 59029A
Pull Force* 50 g/cm²
Weight 4.68 kg
Style Magnafix tape magnet 3M adhesive part A
Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the non-adhesive smooth side (A)
Dimensions Width: 25mm
Length: 30metres
Thickness: 1.6mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnafix magnetic tape has a width of 25mm and a thickness of 1.6mm. This tape comes in a 30 metres length roll. It has a 3M 9448 adhesive on one side. Identified by the AMF Magnets part number 59029A. This product is not recommended for use with large sheets of perspex thicker than 6mm.

Please see Magnafix Direction of Use here

Uses for our Magnafix Magnetic Tape:

They say your eyes are a window into your soul. Well maybe. On a less poetic note, they should also say your windows are a window into your home for bugs, birds, lizards and unwanted noise from traffic and neighbours on a permanent party footing.

The good news is magnafix, 25mm in width, 1.6mm thick and available in rolls of 30metres in length, provides a safe and secure, cheap and cheerful, permanent and removable method of holding in place insect screens and sound proof panes fixed to the inside or outside of existing windows.

With 3M adhesive Part A adhesive protected by a peel away backing until fixing is required, this strong flexible magnetic strip tape is able to be cut using scissors or a sharp blade to neatly accommodate varying sizes of screens and windows for secure attachment to keep out vermin, unwanted sound or to moderate extreme temperatures.

This method of fastening allows for simple release of insect or sound screens at an intuitive pull force for regular window and screen cleaning and simple, safe and secure reattachment. Permanent and removable, attaching the screens to the inside or outside of existing windows using strong and flexible magnetic tape should be well within the skill set of people capable of do it yourself tasks around the home or office.

Our Magnafix magnetic tape has a 3M 9448 adhesive on one side and is ideal for light weight applications such as paper or card. Magnafix magnetic tapes offer an excellent solution for fixing or joining graphic elements to either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces for display systems and signage. For light box signage please use our Magnafix Tape with a TESA 4965 adhesive. The specially developed adhesives for the Magnafix range of magnetic tapes provides superior adhesion to acrylics, steel, aluminium and other hard to adhere surfaces.

This product is also ideal when used to adhere flyscreens and acrylic panels (for soundproofing) to windows and doors. Flyscreens without a frame will require extra adhesive to bond, or product will fail.

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