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Magnetic Hanging Sweeper 60" | Self-Cleaning

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Product Code89106A
Weight13.00 kg
StyleSelf-Cleaning Magnetic Hanging Sweeper 60"
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Magnetic Product Description:

This Self-Cleaning Magnetic Sweeper is a hanging model supplied with chains that allow a vehicle or forklift to attach. This model has a length of 60 inches and is identified by the AMF Magnetics part number 89106A. It has a retractable handle that allows all swarf and metallic debris to be easily disposed of in a skip or bin without having to touch or scrape the debris from the base of the sweeper.

Uses for our Self-Cleaning Magnetic Hanging Sweeper:

This hanging sweeper suspended from a small vehicle such as a shopping centre tractor or a workplace forklift is able to trawl for metal fragments over large areas like hardware store spaces, car parks, council beaches, parks and garden paths.

These metal fragments present a long lasting hazard to people, cyclists and pneumatic wheeled vehicles. These sweepers are sometimes referred to as magnetic brooms, however unlike regular brooms these sweepers attract, capture and securely store only metal waste. It is stored on the sweeper for deposit into recycling drums via a retractable release mechanism.

These sweepers shun or ignore organic, plastic and non-metallic waste like roadkill, plastic bags and pizza boxes. This avoids fouling the magnetic sweeper and enabling accumulation on the device and in the recycling drum of precious metal only.

These brooms or sweepers only sweep up a form of waste that has a cash value. Scrap metal. Collected metal fragments can be simply deposited into containers free of contamination of non-metallic waste.

Magnetic pull force is well established technology. Safe and secure. Sure and certain, this simple and effective magnetic method makes light work of ridding large areas of potentially hazardous long lasting metallic waste for deposit where they can do some good. The metal recycling industry.

AMF's Hanging Magnetic Sweepers are the perfect solution for cleaning up large areas of nails, screws & other metal debris that can cause costly tyre repairs or pose as a safety risk to employees & customers alike.

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