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Magnetic Nail Sweeper 11"

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Product Code89117
Weight1.80 kg
DimensionsWidth: 280mm
Height: 900mm
100% of 5
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Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnetic Nail Sweeper is identified by AMF Magnets part number 89117. Pick up nails, screws, paper clips and any other ferrous metal items. 

Uses for Magnetic Nail Sweeper:

Pick up nails, screws, paperclips, staples and any other ferrous metal items that pose a hazard or have potential to cause tyre punctures to vehicles and equipment. Clear collected debris safely and hands-free into a waste container for recycling or disposal with the quick release handle. Excellent for cleaning lightweight swarf material around the home, factory, workshop or office


Customer Reviews
  1. Works well
    I de nail used hardwood palings from their railings and quite a number of nails end up on the lawn .The Magnetic nail sweeper has picked up 2 kilos of used nails

    I suggest you update its description as you don't have to remove the nails from the sweeper with a rag ,simply draw up the internal handle so the nails dislodge into a container

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