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Magnetic Pick Up with Hand Release

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Product Code89091
Weight800 gm
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Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnetic Pick Up Tool is identified by the AMF Magnets part number 89091.

This superior Magnetic Pick-Up Tool will help keep your area clean. Its long 73cm reach allows you to cover all the hard to reach areas of your work space and enables you to pick up a wide range of items with the powerful Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, and easily release with a pull of the quick release trigger.

Uses for our Magnetic Pick Up Tools:

This magnetic wand belongs in workplace cleaning closets next to the broom and mop and bucket. Anywhere metal fragments present slip, trip and fall hazards this product is pressed into service to reduce risks. Metal fragments are a hazard to pneumatic tyres and don’t belong in storm water drains.

Waving this magnetic wand around to capture and secure metal fragments is best done before the broom and mop and bucket appear. This way metal fragments can be captured and deposited hands free in a recycling drum with a squeeze of the release trigger. Metal recycling is big business and drums of waste metal are exchanged for cash.

Mechanical and engineering workshops, construction sites and maintenance workers tasked with conforming to due diligence protocols in car parks, shopping centres and council controlled property find this tool useful.

Magnetic pickup tools are especially useful for difficult to reach areas, where heavy rain might otherwise flush metal fragments onto the roadway, footpaths or help block drains. Magnetic pull only attracts metallic objects. Able to retrieve metal fragments from around corners and darkened voids, magnetic pull leaves organic and plastic materials alone, sorting metal in situ for recycling without the unwanted fouling of other materials.

For duty of care of retrieving metal fragments from places where they present a hazard to people and the wider environment this magnetic wand is a useful piece of equipment for putting stray metal fragments where they belong. In the metal recycling cycle.

Clear your space from all small metallic matter and debris with our Magnetic Pick-Up Tool.


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  1. Great device
    We use this tool to collect loose screws and sheet metal fragments from roof top. works a treat.

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  2. Good
    It is very nice

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