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Magnetic Sheeting - 3mm x 300mm x 300mm (Tile)

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Product Code 59082
Weight 800 gm
Style Flexible magnetic rubber (Tile)
Dimensions Width: 300mm
Length: 300mm
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Magnetic Tile Product Description:

This flexible magnetic rubber has a width of 300mm and a thickness of 3mm. It is identified by the AMF Magnets part number 59082.

Uses for our flexible magnetic tile:

Architects help design the built environment. They use these magnetic sheets (tiles) to create aerial view configurations of spaces they are creating. These magnetic squares are used to represent in scale and form the many different objects they propose for these spaces. With the ability to mark the surface with white board marking pens of different colours, architects have a simple system for clearly identifying, colour coding and representing their sometimes very elaborate arrangements.

Arranged on vertical or horizontal magnetically abled surfaces these designs are secured in place with safe and secure magnetic cling. These magnetic rubber tiles can be easily trimmed to suit scale modelling or aggregated for larger forms. Preferred arrangements are safe and secure with magnetic grab for transportation to clients or colleagues.

Individual components, a magnetic tile representing a couch or a garage can be simply lifted and moved to illustrate a different configurations. Magnetic tiles kept separate from the configuration representing different materials and commensurate prices can easily replace other tiles to present further options.

The cost of land (space) has shrunk the amount of space available to most of us. This has necessitated the desire to make living and work environments as efficient and as happily habitable as possible. Magnetic squares like these assist architects to consider as many alternative arrangements as is practicable for each and every space to arrive at the best configuration for everyone.

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