Magnetic Sheeting - Self Adhesive - 0.8mm x 620mm per metre

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Product Code 59050M
Weight 2.60 kg
Style Magnetic sheeting self adhesive per metre
Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the brown side only
Dimensions Width: 620mm
Length: Per metre
Thickness: 0.8mm
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Magnetic Product Description:

This self adhesive magnetic sheeting has a width of 620mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. Adhesive side is non-magnetic. Constructed from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix, this self-adhesive magnetic sheeting is manufactured to provide good demagnetization resistance & reasonable resistance to chemical agents. Identified by the Amf magnets part number 59050M. Available by metre if required, please contact the office.

Please note: This is a per metre product, however, orders with a quantity greater than 1 will come as a continuous length (ie. purchasing 3 of this product, will come as a 3 metre length of 59050M). If you wish to receive your order in 1 metre lengths please include the note "CUT TO METRE LENGTHS" at the checkout when processing your order.

Uses for our self-adhesive magnetic sheeting:

As discussed in part number, 59049/15, building your brand begins with STRATEGY, by using segments of self-adhesive magnetic sheeting to suspend objects representing ideas on a magnetised work wall to traffic ideas and materials to create the form of the brand.

Similar to a cattle branding iron, we now have the icon or symbol that represents the values and nature of your business or activity. More self-adhesive magnetic sheeting, able to attach many different materials to many different surfaces and structures, will be required for phase two of brand building. PROTOTYPE.

Your new brand is prototyped into corporate identity kits containing style and colour guides, brochures and a little brand book explaining the philosophy, values and mission statement underpinning the proposed corporate identity. Attached to the reverse side of these artefacts are segments of magnetic sheeting.

The self-adhesive, protected by peel away paper backing is glued to the back of the identity kits and items enclosed in order to enable all and any items to be suspended by magnetic cling to surfaces in the workplace and the home.

This simple protocol guarantees the kits and items receive the visibility and durability required to gather as many perspective as possible before the order is given for full scale production of branding the businesses products and services. That is, onto phase three of brand building with self-adhesive magnetic sheeting. BRAND. See, part number, 59050A4 for more on Brand.

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