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Magnetic Sweeper 18"

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Product Code89104
Weight5.10 kg
StyleWidth of the body: 75mm

Height of the body: 100mm

Length18 inches
In stock
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Magnetic Sweeper Product Description:

This two wheeled magnetic sweeper vacuums up metal fragments using magnetic pull force. No extension lead following you around like a ball and chain, no filthy bags to empty or replace. Plus this magnetic sweeper only attracts, captures and secures the waste you can exchange for cash. Scrap metal. It is identified by the AMF Magnets part number 89104.

Uses for our powerful magnetic sweeper:

This eager sweeper is an ambush predator of nuisance metal pieces. At first, it seems to present no threat to metal fragments. Just out for a stroll in the (car) park. Then metallic shards and lumps suddenly experience its powerful magnetic pull force. Gotcha!

Sensing a good haul, the operator suspends the device over the metal recycling drum to deposit the catch with a squeeze of the release handle. Capturing only metal waste, organic, plastic and other unwanted materials are unable to foul the sweepers’ magnetic componentry or the precious metal filling up the recycling drum.

For a rewarding sweep of workshops, petrol station driveways, council and shopping centre car parks these two wheeled magnetic sweepers reduce the risks to staff and customers. Council storm water drains and gutters, footpaths and roadways and the wider environment are protected from the potential hazards that long lasting metal fragments present.

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