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Mini Magnetic Sweeper

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Product Code89118
Weight1.50 kg
DimensionsWidth: 340mm
Height: 1m
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Magnetic Product Description:

This Mini Magnetic Sweeper is identified by AMF Magnets part number 89118. Pick up nails, screws, paper clips and any other ferrous metal items. Light aluminium housing. Excellent for Machine shops, Fabricators, Factories and Construction Sites.

Uses for Mini Magnetic Sweeper:

Metallic Sweepers improve worker safety and compliance with OH&S principles and help protect valuable equipment.Remove collected metal  HANDS-FREE using the retractable release collar and empty it safely into a bin for disposal. The handle is Telescopic and Removable for comfort and convenience and the magnet has a lightweight aluminium housing. 

This very light and nimble device is used mostly in Industrial and Commercial environments to efficiently clean ferrous Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and metal fragments that pose a nuisance or a hazard. Metal fragments discarded by workers or machinery in the course of their work can defy thorough retrieval with brooms or vacuum cleaners. Brooms can leave metal fragments behind, vacuum cleaners can become congested or damaged. 

Powerful magnetic pull force hovers over surfaces and attracts metal swarf and waste to the Magnetic Sweeper while separating out organic, plastics or paper waste materials. This exclusive securing of metallic items allows for the deposit and storage of the only waste that attracts any remuneration, namely Scrapmetal.

The wheels make the sweeper light and nimble enough to get close to fixed structures like cabinets and underneath benches and vehicles, This device is a helpful initial treatment to make other cleaning operations simpler. Metal fragments don’t belong in the general environment where they present hazards for people, animals, vehicles and other equipment.

Collecting these metal fragments from the Workplace, Showroom or Shopfloor means they can be properly disposed of or collected by scrap metal merchants on a regular basis. 

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