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Neodymium Block - 55mm x 25mm x 9mm

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Product Code22003
Pull Force*24.5 kg
Weight92 gm
StyleNeodymium rectangular Block magnet
CoatingNickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of MagnetisationMagnetised through the 9mm height/thickness
DimensionsWidth: 25mm
Height: 9mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rectangular block magnet has a length of 55mm, a width of 25mm and a height of 9 mm. It has a pull force of 24.5 kgs against 5 mm mild steel and a magnetic flux of 2767 with a Nickel coating.

Uses for our powerful rare earth block magnets:

RIC is an acronym of the qualities permanent neodymium blocks bring to the table. Renew, (renew function or task), instinct (intuitive engagement and disengagement) and compatibility, (able to be used in combination with any and all materials). RIC.

The first of these qualities of magnetic power is an ability to renew. Magnets can renew their function of fastening, holding, releasing or regulating, over and over again, as if for the first time. Further, this renewing of purpose or re-application of task is applied with no fatigue or penalty to components or materials subject to magnetic force. Magnetic fastening and its renewable engagement makes the product much easier to clean and service, increasing the desirability and longevity.

Block magnets second loved quality is an instinct to fasten or bond. Block magnets will jump, if allowed, at attracted objects. The maker of a product chooses a magnet for a particular function based on the size, strength and direction of pull or push force required.

Block magnets instinct to bond and release at threshold pressure, or quit the grip force defines them as virtual ‘torque limiters’ or an ‘overload clutch’. These failsafe mechanisms are installed to protect machinery or products in crash stops and jams, protecting the device from serious failure. Once the excessive force event has been addressed, the magnetic instinct is to re-engage, to its original position, as if for the first time, renewed.

Neodymium blocks are compatible, like peas in a pod, no matter what the material, but especially plastics.

This is a great all-purpose rectangular magnet which can be used when a reasonable amount of force is required. Applications such as water purification, commercial door holders and for general, engineering and industrial uses.

Customer Reviews
  1. Works like magic
    I used these magnets in my research as an experimental psychologist. We ask people to watch small movie clips and measure their reactions. We were able to create some impressive illusions thanks to the strength of the magnets. Much easier, and quicker than manipulating our films post production. Great customer service too.

    Many thanks!

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    Posted on

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