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Neodymium Block - 70mm x 70mm x 12.7mm

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Product Code22001B
Pull Force*63.5 kg
Weight461 gm
StyleNeodymium square Block magnet
CoatingNickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of MagnetisationMagnetised through the 12.7mm height/thickness
DimensionsWidth: 70mm
Height: 12.7mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This block magnet is 70mm square with a height of 12.7mm or the old imperial equivalent of half an inch. It is classified under the AMF magnet part number 22001B and has a pull force of 63.5kg against 5 mm mild steel. This magnet has a magnetic flux of 1954.

Uses for our rare earth block magnets:

These bold, nickel coated, square neodymium blocks are often deployed in situations for attracting, capturing and storing on its surface ferrous material (metal scraps) from where it presents a health hazard or a threat to sensitive processing machinery.

One example is bulk quantities of loose foodstuffs like grains, pulses and powders. These goods, which are unaffected by magnetic force, are conveyed past magnetic blocks like these as a screening protocol. This simple, non-contact method rids or purifies these valuable foodstuffs of ferrous material like nails, screws, washers, flakes of rust and the like. Scraps of metal can turn up in the most surprising and alarming places not only because of the longevity of metallic material.

From paddock to plate, most foodstuffs are grown, harvested, transported and processed using steel machines and vessels made of metal. Protocols for screening out metal fragments are imposed at reasonable intervals in the production chain as an act of due diligence.

Metal fragments are long lasting and must not be allowed to enter human or other animal bodies. Metal fragments are sharp and strong, easily able to damage or destroy specialised processing machines, shutting down production lines and necessitating mechanical or electrical repairs.

These neodymium block magnets, the strongest type of permanent magnets commercially available need to be treated with caution. Able to lift thousands of times their own weight, they can strike at each other with enough force to create flying chips that can cause injury or jump at materials they are attracted to.

Ideal for metal separation, industrial, construction, mining and commercial applications where a square shaped magnet is needed. The half inch thickness is also ideal where an imperial thickness is required.

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  1. Strong Magnets
    I cut sheet metal for my BBQ roof and other areas, I am the kind of guy who does not use PPE and I end up with metal filings in my face arms and legs, the strong magnets are excellent for removing them

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