Neodymium Disc - 6mm x 3mm Marked

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Product Code 20071A
Pull Force* .800kg
Weight 1 gm
Style Rare Earth Disc magnet Marked
Grade N38
Gauss 4455
Coating Nickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised
Dimensions Height: 3mm
Diameter: 6mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Disc Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth disc has a diameter of 6mm and a height of 3mm. It has a magnetic flux reading of 4455 Gauss and a pull force of 800 grams. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 20071A.

Uses for our rare earth disc magnets:

This Rare Earth disc magnet has a small mark on one side delineating the North Polarity. This demarcation allows for easy and quick identification of the magnetic aspect of each magnet. This can be a great asset for all users as it makes handling and storing the magnets effortless. It lessens the chance of magnets being damaged in handling when they accidently snap back together with force. Furthermore it provides increased safety for those handling magnets by reducing the risk pinching skin as the magnets pull together unexpectedly. The user can both visually see the marking and feel the mark tactilely.

For application such as repetitive manufacturing this marking is essential to prevent accidental inversion of the poles. Incorrect positioning of magnets could cause large-scale manufacturing to be brought to a standstill or event product malfunction post production.

Customer Reviews
  1. Great value; excellent strength
    Bought these to use in scroll saw boxes. Haven’t used as yet but can’t believe the exceptional pulling strength. The marking will make it super easy to distinguish the N and S sides. Postage was very prompt, packaging was good and also included an informative instruction sheet regarding use and care. Price was excellent. Couldn’t be happier and will definitely purchase any future magnets from here.

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    Posted on

  2. Good delivery
    Magnets where delivered as ordered and within the expected time, even though from Australia.
    A work college has since ordered form AMF magnets for another R&D project we are working on.

    Richard How, VAICO Engineer

    Review by

    Posted on

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