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Female Thread Neodymium Pot - Diameter 48mm x 24mm

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Product CodeAMFYPD48
Pull Force*81kg
Weight132 gm
StyleRare Earth female thread pot magnet
CoatingNickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of MagnetisationAxially magnetised thru the 11.5mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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rare earth pot magnet female thread dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth female threaded pot magnet has a diameter of 48mm, a total height of 24mm and a magnet housing thickness of 11.5mm. It has an 8mm female thread with an external boss of 12.5mm. This female threaded magnet has a pull force of 81kg and a weight of 132 grams. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number AMFYPD48.

Uses for our rare earth female thread pot magnets:

These Neodymium Pot magnets have a Female Thread that allows them to be attached to any type of surface with a bolt. The steel cover protects the magnet from damage and corrosion and also redirects the magnetic field so it flows towards the base,creating more magnetic strength and better holding ability. Female thread magnets can also accommodate an eyelet or hook attachment.With the addition of a rope, the eyelet tuns the pot magnet into a valuable piece of retrieval equipment that can locate submerged or hard to reach metal items and recover them. Hook and eyelet attachments add valuable use variation to Female Pot magnets and ideal for hanging or suspending a range of items from metal surfaces. Alternatively, a threaded rod or bar can be inserted to attach or display advertising material or signage and then attached to metallic surfaces. Magnetic attachment enables signage or advertising to be easily removed and replaced as required. AMF Holding magnets are ideal for attaching various materials securely and quickly to steel surfaces.


ModelNo. D1Ø M H h Holding force(kg) Weight (g)
AMFYPD10 10 5.5 3 12 5 2.2 3.5
AMFYPD12 12 6 3 13 5 3.2 5
AMFYPD16 16 6 4 13 5 5.5 8
AMFYPD20 20 8 4 15 7 9 17
AMFYPD25 25 10 5 17 8 22 32
AMFYPD32 32 10 6 18 8 34 47
AMFYPD36 36 10 6 18 8 41 59
AMFYPD42 42 10 6 20 9 68 87
AMFYPD48 48 12 8 24 11.5 81 132
AMFYPD60 60 14 8 30 15 113 270
AMFYPD75 75 16 10 34 18 164 552
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    AMF Magnetics is a fantastic organisation to deal with; great products, great knowledge, great service and very flexible and helpful. I have had dealings with several organisations in the magnetics field. AMF Magnetics are head and shoulders above their peers.

    AMF Reply: What a glowing review! Thank you so much!

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