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Neodymium Ring - 22mm x 4.5mm x 10mm (Countersunk)

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Product Code23004
Pull Force*12.6 kg
Weight27 gm
StyleRare Earth Ring magnet c/s
CoatingNickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of MagnetisationAxially magnetised thru the 10mm
Tolerance+/- 0.05mm
Inside Diameter4.5mm
Outside Diameter22mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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ring magnet dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth ring magnet has an outside diameter of 22mm, an inside diameter of 4.5mm and a thickness of 10mm. It has a pull force of 12.6kg. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 23004.

Uses for our rare earth ring magnets:

Lifts or elevators became necessary once buildings became so high that staircases were no longer a reasonable method of getting to the upper levels. Lift designers, since the earliest incarnation of the concept, so called dumb waiters, a lifting platform between the levels of houses for the carriage of food and drink, have been perfecting their craft with the assistance of magnets.

Neodymium ring magnets, 22mmx10mm, engaged with the winches, pulleys and cables, secure the lift car at all times and help regulate the movement of these moving parts in order to deliver a safe and smooth ride.

Magnets engaged on the different platforms at each floor help secure the car in the correct position. Attracting and holding the car with magnetic force without a committed locking or piercing engagement is quicker and more reliable method of hold and release. Modern lifts are safer quicker and smoother with the help of magnets.

Tension and compression systems within large scale constructions projects embed ring magnets like these in order to increase the flexibility and durability of the buildings.

Strong ring magnets like these, 22mmx10mm with a pull force of 12.6 kg are used to help hold and or regulate movement, release at a predetermined pull force, and or re-engage or hold again, moving parts. Sometimes threaded onto a spool or axle or rod, ring magnets, as well as regulating movement of nearby moving parts, also contain or compress moving parts that might otherwise drift from their allotted positon and damage or otherwise reduce mechanical efficacy.

The amount of magnetic force needs to be such that it can contain or compress the moving parts negating drift, but not so strong as to suppress movement necessary for efficient mechanical function. The known pull force or magnetic strength of a particular magnet allows engineers and others to design sophisticated equipment that is reliable and durable.

Magnets project their power without a restricting locking engagement, allowing mechanical parts to move at regulated intervals, releasing at a pre-determined pull force or within acceptable tolerances. Other engagement or fastening methods struggle for these highly desirable and nuanced capabilities.

These powerful ring magnets are in constant demand, most often in the mining, transport and grain processing sectors.

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  1. Magnetic power
    I needed magnets to hold a clamping caul inside a guitar top thru the top to clamp the bridge. Works well but they have a mind of their own and are stored separately in special box away from metal objects!

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  2. Great
    Top products. Top delivery service

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  3. Good...
    You guys were amazing as usual. The courier was rubbish. Their help line was hopeless. Local courier did the job of the customer service team.

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