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Samarium Cobalt Block Magnets (SmCo) - 3mm x 3mm x 1mm Ni

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Product Code 93502
Weight 1 gm
Style Block magnet
Grade SmCoYX28
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised thru the thickness
Tolerance +/- 0.05
Dimensions Width: 3mm
Height: 1mm
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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This samarium cobalt block magnet has a length and width of 3mm and a height of 1mm and is a very tiny magnet. Used where a small magnet is required with resistance to corrosion and salt environments.

Uses for our samarium cobalt block magnets:

The first block magnets to change the world were filaments of lodestone. Lodestone is a mineral expressing a naturally occurring magnetic field. Ancient mariners, the Chinese and Vikings, suspended rectangular segments of lodestone from the rigging of their ships beginning around 800 years ago. These blocks of rock always pointed north. Foul weather or fair, night or day.

This technology in the form of the first compass inspired more ambitious seafaring expeditions and the world has never been the same. Block magnets since that time have helped to build, block by block, what we now refer to as the modern world.

However, at 3mm by 3mm by 1mm in height, these samarium cobalt magnets are stretching the definition of what constitutes a ‘block’. Still for designers, manufacturers, tool and instrument makers, size is relative to how much space is available. Samarium cobalt blocks, first produced in 1970 are valued for their size and strength ratio compared to other magnets.

Where space is at a premium like inside watches, computer disc drives, tools, toys and trinkets as well as satellites and sensors these tiny tots fit the bill. Resistance to corrosion in marine environments and resistance to demagnetisation at extreme temperatures has landed these blocks roles in sensors measuring temperatures and pressures of kit and caboodle in mining, refining, agriculture, defence and refrigeration sectors.

Composed of samarium, cobalt and iron these little blocks are also installed in orthopaedic devices surgically placed in humans and other animals to correct deformities of muscle and bone.

Presently supplied to a contract manufacturing company based in Malaysia who manufactures specialist products for other companies worldwide.

Popular for general use also.

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