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Attracting Sliding Doors – Keeping Cats Indoors with Magnets

Attracting Sliding Doors – Keeping Cats Indoors with Magnets

Here at AMF Magnetics, we always love to hear of the different and unusual applications using our magnetic products. But we especially love hearing of an application that is relatable and we think should be shared around.

Pet owners across Australia can relate to Graham from Kanwal in NSW – he was struggling with his two cats orchestrating elaborate escapes through the sliding door in his home. The door isn’t very heavy and was able to be pushed open quite easily. That was until he ordered a pair of Neodymium Countersunk magnets from us. These magnets come in a pair and attract to one another, one has a north face and the other has a south face. The countersunk feature of the magnets allows the user to fasten each on opposing surfaces so that the magnetic faces will magnetise together.

Graham applied one magnet to the inside of the door jam and the opposing magnet to the inside of the sliding door at the same level. When the door was closed the magnets provided that extra strength needed to ensure the escape artists weren’t strong enough to push it open.

These magnets are useful for many more applications, such as holding a cupboard door shut, and essentially for anything involving attaching two surfaces together in a secure yet non-permanent way. Browse our Neodymium Countersunk magnets here!

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