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Alnico Pot Magnets

The Alnico Holding Pot Magnets have a threaded hole and are suited to general-purpose holding applications. Our Alnico Magnets are manufactured with Nickel, Cobalt and Alnico Magnetic Alloys. This gives them desirable magnetic properties such as good corrosion resistance and high-temperature stability. All our Alnico Pot Magnets are C5 grade.

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Alnico Pot Magnets

Alnico Magnets are weaker compared to strong permanent magnets like rare earth magnets. Their mechanical strength is greater than either Neodymium or Ceramic Magnets because Alnico magnets are both hard and brittle.

Alnico Pot Magnets are used in a wide variety of situations, especially where a circular void presents itself. These magnets are placed in voids created by a drill bit in glass, plastics, timber, stone, marble and metal structures. They are also used as a joining or fastening method makes on-site or in situ assembly easy. If you require a pot magnet for jigs and fixtures see our Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets.

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