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Ferrite Holding Pot Magnets

Ferrite holding pot magnets, also called ceramic pot ferrites, have a mild steel casing over a Ferrite Ring Magnet. They have a round central hole for fixing a bolt, rivet or screw through for attaching to non-magnetic surfaces. Our Ferrite Pot Magnets are an ideal no maintenance product with a shelf life of many years if used with care and magnet is clean.

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Ferrite Holding Pot Magnets

Pot Magnets are magnetized on one side only, this ensures maximum strength for size. AMF Magnetics’ supply a wide range of magnetic Ferrite Pots in different sizes and pull forces. Our Ferrite Pot Magnets provide a strong magnetic pull and our products can provide from 7kg to 30kg pull force.

Ferrite Pots are commonly used for general holding and attaching applications on to a wall, ceiling or other magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces. Particularly useful for warehouse storage. Our ceramic holding magnets are the best option for those who require a good value magnet with a strong pull force.

Please feel free to Contact our sales team if you require any additional information about our Ferrite Holding Pot magnet’s uses and applications.

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