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3kg - 5kg

 The small magnets in this category all have a pull-force between 3-5kg. The magnets are made from various magnetic materials and in a range of shapes and sizes. These include ferrite magnets, rare earth magnets, magnetic discs and magnetic cylinders.
Small magnets made from powerful rare earth Neodymium material can have equal or greater magnetic strength than larger magnets made from other magnetic materials. However, depending on the application, other characteristics such as price, resistance to corrosion and demagnetisation may be more important. These also need to be considered when deciding which type of magnet is most appropriate for your project.

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3kg - 5kg

Magnets with 3-5 kg pull-force strength are often used for holding or attachment purposes. This large category has over 70 different items across a broad range of shapes and magnet types. Block magnets, Disc magnets, Cylinder magnets, Ring magnets and Sphere magnets can all be found in this range. Here at AMF, we understand it can be difficult to find the exact magnet to meet your needs. To refine your search results you can use the search filter and select the magnet’s dimensions, price range, type of coating, magnetic grade or type of use.
Magnets in this category have coatings that include epoxy, teflon, rubber, phosphorus and paint. The majority of Neodymium magnets are nickel-plated over Neodymium magnetic material.

There is a magnet shape to suit every purpose.

Block shape magnets make handy workshop tools and can be used for clamping steel sections in place prior to tack welding. The square shape of the Block magnet is well suited to holding right-angled steel in position.

Pot magnets with a countersunk hole can make useful magnetic tool holders when screwed onto a wall. Use the sturdy steel-encased Neodymium magnet to hang spanners, drills and any other type of metal hand tool or implement. Tools can be kept out of the way but ready to use right where you need them.

Disc-shaped magnets are ideal for creating a bond between two non-magnetic materials. Two thin disc magnets arranged with opposing poles can be applied to separate surfaces with epoxy glue. This allows the two surfaces to strongly bond together magnetically in an instant and can also be quickly separated as required.


Ring-shaped magnets have a central hole that makes them easy to apply to another material. Simply use a screw, wire, string or cable tie to secure the magnet in place. In some applications, the ring magnet can be sewn inside a material so it bonds to a metal surface beneath.

Our range of magnet coatings

Epoxy, Teflon and Rubber coated magnets are all ideal for protecting painted metal surfaces. These coatings also help to keep the magnet inside free of corrosion. The Neodymium whiteboard magnets in this category have a very high strength hold. You can find many more whiteboard magnet options in the Pin Magnet section.

Uses for small magnets

Any location with accessible steel surfaces can be fitted with magnets to help make activity in the area more practical or convenient. This includes work vehicles, farm machinery, excavating equipment and recreational vehicles.
For those who enjoy outdoor activities like camping and caravanning, there are endless opportunities to use small magnets to organise gear and make life easier. The magnets can also be attached to any non-ferrous surface by applying some epoxy type glue to one side.
Magnets are useful for safely storing or organising metal hobby or craft tools. Pins, nails, fasteners, kitchen utensils and camping equipment are some of the many items that can be stored with magnets holding them in place.
Magnets are also used for many commercial products and in industrial processes. Scale models for architectural projects, product prototypes and consumer electronic devices have all benefited from the inclusion of small magnets in their design.


Best uses for magnets with a 3-5kg pull force?
The majority of magnets in this 3-5kg category are made from Neodymium. This rare-earth material provides superior magnetic adhesion compared to other magnetic materials. The Neodymium magnets can therefore allow for smaller, more compact magnets to be substituted for bulkier magnets in the exact same application.

A small number of Alnico and Ferrite products are also in this category. Many of these magnets are ideal for intricate crafts and hobbies like model making, jewellery design, woodwork, leatherwork or even watchmaking. The FAQ & Knowledge Base section has many more examples of how magnets can be useful in everyday situations.

Where to buy magnets with a 3-5kg pull force?
Buy the correct magnets for your project from the secure AMF online store.  The AMF store can be accessed 24/7 and is where you’ll find a huge range of magnetic products at very competitive prices. Orders placed before 1 pm AEST will be shipped the same day from our Sydney warehouse.

Bulk pricing discounts are available for larger quantity purchases and free standard shipping applies to all online orders over $30 to anywhere in Australia. See our terms and conditions for helpful information about payments, shipping and returns. You can also contact us for help and advice regarding which magnetic product best suits your requirements.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More