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Magnetic Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment that use magnetic power are known to perform well in a heavy-duty work environment. AMF has a huge range of magnetic products that can improve the daily operation of your commercial business or industrial site. Most of our magnetic tools contain powerful Neodymium permanent magnets that deliver maximum magnetic power. Through experience and listening to customer feedback about our Magnetic Tools and Magnetic Equipment over many years, AMF staff are able to advise clients on our most popular magnetic pick-up tools and which magnetic tool products are the most effective and most suitable for particular applications. Be sure to contact us for more information or to get helpful product advice. You can also visit our FAQ page to see a range of common magnet issues and practical solutions.

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Magnetic Tools & Equipment

Magnetic Tools & Equipment

Browse this category to find Magnetic Lifters, Separator Tube magnets, Swarf Cleaner magnets, Studfinder magnets for gyprock walls, Magnetic Sweeping units, Magnetic Fishing kits, Retrieval magnets, industrial Plate Magnets, Door Latch magnets and Toolholder magnets. AMF can even supply you with Electromagnets and Gauss Metre measuring and testing tools. AMF has a huge range of heavy-duty Magnetic Tools and Industrial Equipment that are designed to withstand harsh work environments and conditions.

The AMF magnetic tool range includes heavy-duty magnetic lifting equipment that use powerful Neodymium magnets to generate their holding strength. These Lifting Magnets can efficiently lift and move steel-based materials in a safe and reliable way. The Lifting Magnet range of products can safely handle weights between 100 kg and 2 tonnes! The heavy-duty magnetic tools have a sturdy design and a U-bolt hook for attaching the magnet to a crane, forklift or gantry. The design also includes a hand-operated release lever that disengages the magnet and releases the load when it is in the desired position. Some lifters are flat-faced for latching onto metal sheets and others have a clever wrap-around design for picking up round metal pipes or tubing. These strong lifting tools are an essential piece of equipment for worksite managers or business owners who want to promote both efficiency and workplace safety. The Lifting Magnets have industrial strength holding power that is suitable for construction sites, factories, trucking yards, warehouses, storage facilities and any business that deals in ferrous metal products or steel.


The AMF Stud Finder magnet is popular with tradespeople of every kind but especially with carpenters and maintenance workers. The specially designed magnetic tool can detect metal nails and screws inside a drywall cavity to indicate the best location (the stud) for any necessary drilling to occur.

There is a selection of Magnetic Tool Holders in this category that help to protect valuable tools from being misplaced, lost or damaged. The holders are easily attached to workshop walls with screws and make it easy to keep work areas tidy. Chefs and Cooks find these products are also ideal for storing sharp kitchen knives and keeping them out of harm's way when they aren't being used.

Swarf cleaning tools use magnets concealed inside the device to pick up wire, nails and other small metal fragments from difficult to reach locations. A pull-out sliding handle safely releases the metal swarf that has been collected. These tools are ideal for construction sites where debris from steel fixing wire needs to be collected and removed prior to a concrete pour. These simple and reliable magnetic tools save a lot of time and effort in the construction industry but are also suitable for any other type of metal manufacturing business.

Magnetic separation equipment is also used to increase efficiency and safety in the food manufacturing and processing industries. These magnetic products can include essential food-grade separator equipment like Plate Magnets and Grate Magnets. Magnetic grates and plates prevent metal contaminants and steel machinery swarf from entering manufacturing processes and are crucial to maintaining a product quality that is suitable for human or animal consumption. Engineers place these super-strong magnetic devices at different points along the food refining process to collect and remove any metal impurities from the passing organic materials.


The AMF product range is extensive and our friendly staff are here to help…

Other magnetic tools to be found in this category include handy retrieval magnets, magnetic latches and magnetic sweeping equipment on wheels. The Magnetic Sweepers are a popular product with vehicle repairers, logistics hub operators and industrial premises with large car parking facilities. If retrieval magnets are what you’re looking for then you may also wish to consider the AMF range of Pot Magnets. Get free standard shipping Australia wide with your online order when you spend $30 or more in one transaction. Alternatively, you can choose an express delivery option at the checkout.


How do I know which magnetic tool is right for me?
Look through the FAQ and Knowledge Base section to help decide which type of magnetic product best suits your needs or application. Advice from our helpful staff is just a click away! Use the customer contact form to ask a question and receive a prompt reply. Make sure you include your contact phone number if your enquiry is urgent.

Are AMF magnetic tools and equipment suited to industrial use?
AMF Magnetic Tools are extremely strong and robust. They use powerful, high-quality Neodymium and Ferrite magnets to obtain maximum magnetic hold. The magnets inside our equipment are usually protected by an external metal case that prevents the magnets inside from becoming damaged in harsh industrial environments. Special high-temperature magnets may need to be selected for industrial heat treatment processes or extreme manufacturing environments.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More