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Magnetic Door Catches & Latches

Magnetic door latches and door catches for securing doors and other openings are a practical solution for the common issue of poorly sealing doors on cupboards and storage compartments. AMF has a range of simple to fit and operate magnetic catches and latches that can solve this annoying problem!

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Magnetic Door Catches & Latches

In most workshops, kitchens, classrooms and offices, the storage compartments, lockers and cabinets are important for keeping things like stationery, tools, stock and equipment organised and stored safely. Tradespeople also rely on storage areas in their work vehicles to keep heavy-duty tools and equipment organised and easy to access when the tools are needed. Busy workplaces and common areas can be harsh on standard door fittings and furniture, to the point where they no longer operate properly and become a nuisance or a hazard. This is where Magnetic Door Catches and Latches can come to the rescue!

Install Magnetic Door Latches Easily with DIY installation.

Most AMF magnetic latch devices contain a strong Ferrite magnet and some have a super-strong Neodymium countersunk disc magnet and washer. While the Neodymium Latch Magnet products use a protective pad to cushion the closure impact, the Ferrite Catch Magnet devices are protected by a housing made of either plastic or steel so repeated closing of the doors does not damage the magnet inside. The heavy-duty, impact-resistant design is easily screwed into position above or below the shelf inside the cabinet. In the case of Neodymium disc magnet latch kits, the disc can be recessed into the timber as per the instructions. Depending on which closure device you decide to use, a metal washer or a metal striker plate that is included in the kit can then be fitted to the door in the corresponding position.

Uses for our magnetic door latches & catches

Keep work and recreational vehicles tidy!

The AMF product range has a magnetic latch to suit most situations in terms of holding strength or type of storage space. There is even a Latch Magnet product with an adjustment screw that reduces or increases the air gap in order to achieve the precise level of hold you need. This capacity for adjustment can be of real benefit for work vehicles, caravans and camper interiors where the doors on compartments have the tendency to unlatch during transit. Some situations where a super-strong hold is needed may require a Neodymium Countersunk Pot or holding magnet. A 30mm steel washer is available here to act as a metal striker plate opposite the magnet.

Use Latch Magnets outdoors too!

Magnetic Door Latch magnets can also be used outdoors. Campsites, backyards, gardens and farms have doors and gates that need to be secured in an open or closed state at different times of the day. Magnetic Latches are ideal for these types of applications. Plastic encased Ferrite Latch Magnet models will provide better resistance to rust and corrosion in these outdoor environments.

Find all your magnetic needs at AMF.

The AMF online store has a comprehensive range of magnetic devices and tools to suit applications in your office, home or worksite. AMF can also help you complete that important DIY project. Browse the website to find the magnetic product you need and purchase items via our secure online payment system. Checkout with FREE AUSTRALIA WIDE SHIPPING OPTIONS FOR ORDERS OVER $30.


How do I install a magnetic cupboard door catch?
Some Latch kits come with DIY fixing screws supplied and others are not, depending on which kit you choose. Self-tapping screws of appropriate size are needed to fit the mounting hole to attach the Latch Magnet to the shelf inside the cabinet or storage compartment. The Latch Magnet should be fitted so it lines up flush with the striker when the door is in the closed position. Extra screws can be purchased at any hardware store if needed.

How do magnetic door catches work?
Magnets inside the Latch Magnet assemblies protective casing attract strongly to the opposing ferrous metal striker. Placing each component on opposite sides of an opening will provide a stronger and more secure hold between the door and storage cabinet that will better withstand heavy-duty workplace activity and will stop doors from opening at inappropriate or inconvenient times.

View the FAQ and Knowledge Base page to gain helpful information and insight into how magnetic devices can solve your everyday attachment issues.
You can also make enquiries via the AMF contact form and get a prompt reply to your questions, or call to speak to our helpful sales team.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More