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10kg - 20kg

This category groups together magnets with a pull-force in the 10-20kg range. Magnets that qualify for this category vary widely and include rare earth magnets, Ferrite magnets and even a Samarium Cobalt magnet. The shape of these magnets can vary from magnetic discs to blocks, cylinders and rings and also includes some heavy-duty pot magnets. Ferrite magnets and Neodymium magnets are two of the main magnetic materials to be found in this category. There are almost 70 items in this category and customers are able to filter the magnetic products by shape, price, etc to help find the ideal magnet for their application.

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10kg - 20kg

Block magnets, Ring magnets, Holding Pot magnets and Countersunk magnets help make up the other items in this category. The products in this category fit the pull-force classification of 10-20kgs however, there are many factors that make one magnet more suitable for an application than another.
Surface coatings which protect the magnet can be important for certain operating environments, while convenient methods for attaching the magnet onto another surface can be equally as important for some other types of applications. Coatings for magnets in this category can include rubber, epoxy, nickel and protective steel casings known as Pots.

AMF has magnets for the home, office, workshop or industrial site.

The attachment holes in Ring magnets, Countersunk magnets and Holding Pot magnets can be used to keep the magnet in place permanently. This means a magnet can be attached to materials or surfaces other than ferrous metal or steel. Some Pot magnets have male or female threads for attachment and others have a hook or eyelet.

The magnetic carabiner hook product is a good example of how magnets can be used to suspend tools, equipment, decorations or personal items. These can be hung from any metal surface whether it be at home, the office or workshop.

The Ferrite block magnets in this collection are some of the largest and strongest Ferrite magnets available. The Ferrite products start to reach the upper limit of their useful holding capacity at around the 10-20kg range. Ferrite blocks are widely used in magnetic sweeping equipment that collects swarf metal in factories and workshops. Similarly, any other type of magnetic device that benefits from the wide magnetic field will likely use Ferrite magnetic material.

It is notable that one of the strongest, and by far the most expensive, items in this category is made from Samarium Cobalt material. Similar to Neodymium, this material (SmCo) is another member of the rare earth family but has far better resistance to corrosion. It can also operate in temperatures over 250𝆩C and has excellent coercivity values. In most applications however, the Neodymium products have superseded Samarium Cobalt magnets. This is due to the fact Neodymium magnets are stronger, smaller, far more economical and more practical to use.


Best uses for magnets with 10kg-20kg pull force?

Magnets in this 10-20kg category have substantial holding capacity and can be used to suspend quite large items including tools and equipment. Magnets can become practical holding tools by utilising metal surfaces in vehicles, offices, factories and workshops. Outdoors you can use these magnets to attach shade cloth, auxiliary lighting or temporary decorations to sheds, fencing or anything else metallic.

Rectangular Pot magnets and Round Pot magnets are specially designed magnets that have a robust steel cup or rectangular casing. This case significantly increases magnetic power at the base of the magnet. It also protects the brittle magnet underneath from collision or impact damage. These robust holding magnets are heavy-duty magnets that can withstand industrial applications and work well as magnetic closures on cabinetry and doors.

Rubber coated Neodymium Pot magnets contain multiple strong Neodymium disc magnets and have a male or female threaded hole. This is for attaching the magnet to any type of surface, including non-ferrous surfaces. These magnets are also ideal for holding or hanging items from any metal surface that has a painted finish. The protective rubber coating protects the paintwork from damage. It also makes this type of magnet suitable for use around boats and RVs.

Harsh outdoor environments and corrosive conditions would otherwise prematurely damage a standard issue nickel-coated Neodymium magnet. Whether you are an avid hobbyist, outdoor enthusiast or industrial engineer, the AMF magnet range has the magnetic product to meet your needs!

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More