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Magnets & Magnetic Tools


AMF Magnets Australia provides an extensive range of Magnets and Magnetic Products, Equipment and specialised Aussie Consultancy Services.

Our Magnets for sale are suitable for  lifting, holding, cleaning, signage for commercial and industrial or home/office applications.

BUY MAGNETS ONLINE - Our Magnet Shop makes it easy and convenient to buy Strong Magnets online.

Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium)


Rare Earth Magnets (Neodymium Magnets) are up to 7 times stronger than Ferrites Magnets and offer excellent size to strength ratio with good temperature stability. Our strong neodymium magnets are used for many industrial and commercial applications.

Ferrite Magnets (Ceramic)


Ferrite Magnets have the widest magnetic field of all Magnets and good resistance to corrosion. Also called Ceramic Magnets, our ferrite are the best value Permanent Magnet due to an abundance of raw materials and economical cost. All shapes and sizes!

Magnetic Strips & Magnetic Tape


Magnetic Strips and Magnetic Tape are a specialised range of Flexible Magnets. We supply a huge range of Self adhesive and coloured magnetic strips and tapes, magnetic labels and Magnafix Magnetic Tape System. Different sizes and colours available!

Magnetic Sheets


Magnetic Sheets and Sheeting can be used for a variety of applications such as promotional magnets, invitations, business cards, car signs, crafts and general hobbies. Available by the roll or per metre.

Stationery Magnets


In addition to our extensive range of industrial magnets, AMF Magnetics offers a variety of magnets for use at the office, home or school or for hobby applications. Buy our whiteboard magnets, magnetic pins and patches and our new Point of Sale Displays.

Magnetic Equipment & Tools


Our range of Magnetic Tools and Equipment is of the highest quality, only sourcing products from reputable suppliers. We supply Magnetic Lifters, Magnetic Sweepers, Brooms and Magnetic Separators.

Alnico Magnets


Alnico Magnets have excellent temperature stability & very good non-corrosiveness. Their mechanical strength is greater than Neodymium or Ferrite Magnets. Alnico magnets come in different shapes such as cylinder, pot, block and the popular horseshoe.

Samarium Cobalt (Rare Earth) Magnets


Samarium Cobalt Magnets are part of the Rare Earth group of Magnets. They have an excellent resistance to corrosion and are often used in auto, marine and medical applications. Buy Samarium Cobalt Discs and Blocks Online!