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Magnetic Sweeping Services

Metal debris on roadways, parking lots, driveways, can potentially cost thousands of dollars annually in tyre replacement.

Magnetic Sweeping Services by AMF Magnetics is an exclusive service that removes tyre damaging steel scrap, nails, screws and all metallic debris from traffic areas such as roads, parking lots, driveways, ramps etc.

With the ever increasing volume of traffic utilising the roadways of Australia, comes an increasing accumulation of metallic debris scattered over thousands of kilometres of the road network. This is not even considering private roadways, trucking yards, parking lots etc. Potentially hazardous and fatal, this metallic debris contributes to the majority of tyre punctures and blowouts experienced on our roadways via the private, public and commercial user.

Substantial costs are associated with the damage and downtime resulting from these hazards. However, a greater cost is now becoming more commonly associated with the hazards posed by metallic debris.

For more information about the service or for bookings please contact AMF Magnetics on (02) 9700 0055 or via our contact page.