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5kg - 10kg

Magnets with pull-forces in this 5-10kg range are made from various magnetic materials and in a range of shapes and sizes. Ferrite magnets, Rare Earth magnets, magnetic discs and magnetic cylinders are just some of the wide variety of magnets available with this strength range.
Small magnets made from Neodymium can have equal or greater magnetic strength than large magnets made from other magnetic materials. An alternative such as Ferrite may be more suitable if your application requires a magnet with greater resistance to corrosion or high temperatures. Price may also be a determining factor in your purchase, and in this case, cost-effective alternatives can be found in the Ferrite category.

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5kg - 10kg

This strength-related category contains ring, sphere, block, disc and cylinder-shaped magnets in a range of different sizes. As the strength (pull-force) requirement for a magnet increases, rare earth Neodymium products increasingly become the most suitable magnet option.

In addition to the majority of Neodymium magnets, there is also some Ferrite (ceramic) and Alnico magnetic items in this category. Magnets with Rubber and Epoxy coatings can also be found, also adding to the large number of nickel-plated rare earth Neodymium items.

Identify the best magnet for your application

The magnets in this category are all capable of holding between 3kg and 5kg of weight. Please refer to the individual product page for the specific pull force of each magnet. It is important to note that they can only meet the pull-force listed under optimal conditions.

These conditions include uninterrupted contact with a flat surface of mild steel in a horizontal position. The thickness of the steel is also important. All magnets are tested against 10mm thick steel to allow for full saturation of the magnetic field. Any variations in any of these conditions will result in the magnet having a lower pull force than stated in the product specifications.

Where these conditions are not possible, it may be appropriate to substitute a larger magnet with a higher pull-force, or a magnet made from a higher grade material to compensate. This may overcome any reduction in strength caused by air gaps, thinner metal surfaces and other causes of less than optimal conditions. You can find information about magnetic grades and other helpful information in our FAQ & Knowledge Base articles.

Magnets and technology

Emerging magnet-based technologies have greatly increased around the world in recent times. Magnets have been a vital component that has enabled the worldwide proliferation of Electric and Hybrid motor vehicles. Many regenerative power systems and safety devices in these vehicles use magnets. Controls and sensors often require the unique properties of permanent magnets to operate successfully and these magnets also enable these devices to perform in a reliable and accurate nature over the life of the vehicle. Mining and recycling companies also employ magnets to separate out valuable iron ores or remove ferrous metal from organic waste.


Best uses for magnets with 5kg-10kg pull force?

The number of both commercial and household applications that can use small magnets is almost unlimited. Around the home, magnets have many practical uses such as door closure devices, knife holders and wall stud location tools. Magnets can be found in a huge array of items around the home including in computers, smartphones and audio equipment. Many cordless power tools are powered by combining battery stored electrical power with permanent magnets to generate mechanical movement.

Many high-tech industries also rely on magnets to make their operations safe, reliable and efficient. Separator Bars are food-grade magnetic devices used by large manufacturers to filter and remove metal impurities from raw agricultural products. Keeping food products free of contaminants and safe for consumers is crucial to the success of these types of industries.

Where to buy magnets with a 5-10 kg pull force?

You can buy magnets online from the secure AMF website, Our site is conveniently available for purchases 24/7. You’ll find a huge range of magnetic products on the website at very competitive prices. Our warehouse team is committed to getting orders packed quickly; in most cases orders placed before 1 pm AEST will be shipped the same day.

Bulk pricing discounts are available for larger quantity purchases, you can find these prices listed on the product page. We offer free standard shipping for all online orders over $30 Australia wide. We have all our terms and conditions, returns policy and much more helpful information on the website for your convenience. Please contact our sales team if you have any questions.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More