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Pin Magnets

Pin Magnets can also be known as Push Pin magnets or Pawn magnets. AMF Magnetics Pin magnets are made of the highest quality Rare Earth Neodymium. These strong whiteboard magnets come in a variety of colours such as yellow, white, green, blue, red, black and orange.

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Pin Magnets

Our Pin Magnets have a diameter of 12mm and a 22mm height. Each pack contains 12 pin magnets. Magnetic Pins are strong enough to hold approximately 10 sheets of printer paper to magnetic boards, white boards, metallic office cabinets, filing, drawers, or any magnetic surface.

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Magnetic Push Pins are great as office magnets and whiteboard accessories!

These strong magnets are ideal for adhering notes, messages, invitations, to-do lists, invoices, calendars or any kind of document you want to display in the workplace, classroom, home or factory. Use our powerful Pin Magnets to keep your spaces organised and personalise your space with your favourite colours. To learn more about how to use watch our Magnetic Pins video.

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