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Teflon (PTFE)

Almost as efficient as Plastic coating, Teflon Coatings have attributes useful in hospitality, medical, chemical engineering and laboratory fields. Not much adheres to the surface encasing the magnet which is ideal in scientific or hygiene affected facilities where contamination can not be tolerated. As with all Teflon coated objects, friction is greatly reduced allowing the encased magnet to slip or be repositioned with minimal shear force while retaining its strong holding ability. As with Plastic coating, Teflon provides a waterproof seal for the magnetic compound within, so immersion and washability are of no concern. Teflon also provides protection for delicate surfaces and stops damage from collision. Although not many things adhere to Teflon, this does include glues and epoxy, so other fixing methods must be employed. Teflon coatings have great properties employed by makers of clothing and baggage where exposure to weather common and weak shear resistance is an advantage for opening and closure purposes.

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