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Rare Earth (Neodymium) Holding Pot Magnets

Neodymium Rare Earth Holding Pot Magnets are high strength permanent magnets. These strong magnets are set in a mild steel cap for extra protection against chipping or cracking. Rare Earth Pot Magnets are single sided magnets which provide an easy, non destructive solution for attaching and holding objects.

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Rare Earth (Neodymium) Holding Pot Magnets

Rare Earth (Neodymium) Holding Pot Magnets

Our Neodymium Pot Magnets are offered in a variety of dimensions, sizes and shapes. They are fitted with countersunk holes or round holes, male or female thread or with a threaded hook. To customise our Pot Magnets to your specific requirements, see our Design a Magnet page.

Due to their versatility, AMF Magnetics Rare Earth Holding Magnets can be used in many commercial and industrial applications. These include keeping doors open or closed, cabinetry, attaching objects to walls, structures, vehicles or any metallic object or surface.

Pot magnets do not attract to each other and cannot be used as pairs (Except for products codes AMFYPA16N/S, AMFYPA20N/S and AMFYPA32N/S.

If you require further information about our Rare Earth Pots please Contact our sales team.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More