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Magnetic Tape

Flexible magnetic tape material is lightweight, easy to use and suitable for a range of activities. These include commercial magnetic labelling to simple home-based crafts and hobbies. Magnetic tape and magnetic labels for warehouse racking can help identify stock locations in large storage facilities more clearly and accurately.

Magnetic tape is quick to attach, easy to change and easy to remove when needed. Bar codes or printed product codes can be attached to the non-magnetic outer face of a magnetic tape so your products are easy to identify and locate, especially for new or inexperienced employees. The type of magnetic tape Bunnings stores supply to the public is generally not as varied in range or style as the extensive AMF tape magnet products. Make an inquiry on our website customer contact page to ask a question before buying online or browse the FAQ and Knowledge Base for helpful information on Magnetic Tape.


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Magnetic Tape

Most magnetic tape products by definition are long and narrow. Widths between 10mm and 150mm are available from the AMF online store to suit every application and industry. Unlike pre-cut short strip magnets, tape magnets are usually sold in long 30-metre roll lengths that the customer can cut with scissors to any size they need. Pre-cut magnetic labels and strips are super convenient but far less versatile than a large roll of tape that has endless size options.

Magnetic Tape is a Multi-Purpose Product- From Labelling and Storage to DIY Fly Screens!

Flexible two-part magnetic tape known as Magnafix is a well-known product that can convert standard windows into double-glazed windows. The adhesive-backed tapes are applied to both the window frame and the glazing so the glazing can attach to the window magnetically! The easy-to-cut self-adhering tape can fit any window and is an easy DIY job that saves on both heating bills and the cost of an installer.

AMF also has flexible magnetic tape to fit fly screens; magnetic tape with 3M adhesive backings that can bond to non-ferrous surfaces; powerful Neodymium flexible tape that contains rare earth material and can support much heavier weights; flexible magnetic tapes in different colours; and striped magnetic hazard-warning reflective tapes that attach to any metal surface.

AMF has a huge range of magnetic tapes.

The AMF website also has non-magnetic steel tape with an adhesive backing that can be used as a compatible attachment point for flexible magnetic tape wherever needed. Most tapes are sold in 30-60 metre rolls and the thicknesses of each tape type vary between 0.6mm and 1.6mm. Many magnetic tapes are also available in 1-metre lengths. If a stronger hold is required for your application a thicker tape or a tape containing Neodymium magnetic material should be selected.


Does magnetic tape attract to itself?

AMF has the Magnafix magnetic tape system with corresponding A and B parts that have matched positive and negative poles and bond to each other precisely. This magnetic tape system is designed to fit glazing to windows so they are easy to remove for cleaning or to get access to the window latch in warmer conditions. Read about the Magnafix window glazing application in the FAQ and Knowledge Base section. Most types of magnetic tape attach to each other weakly and do not have matching pole alignment.

How does magnetic tape work?

AMF Magnafix tape has a peel-away adhesive backing that can attach to many surfaces including timber, aluminium and glass. Many customers use this magnetic tape to attach perspex or acrylic glazing. When the corresponding A and B tapes are placed between the glazing and the window frame they bond together magnetically and hold the glazing against the window. Cleaning each surface thoroughly prior to use is recommended for best results.

What is magnetic tape used for?
Use magnetic tape for school projects, office whiteboards, DIY repairs or hobbies. AMF customers use rolls of magnetic tape which come in a wide range of colours to make magnetic labels, decorations, artworks and to enhance their hobby projects. The AMF shower repair kit can help seal and secure the shower door in your RV or caravan.

How long does magnetic tape last?
Because the magnetic tape is flexible it does not break or crack easily in the way rigid magnets often do. Under normal indoor conditions, flexible magnetic tapes last well. Their magnetic hold is permanent unless they are exposed to high heat or strong external magnetic fields.

What is the strongest magnetic tape?
A flexible magnetic tape that contains rare earth Neodymium powder has a far superior hold to the majority of magnetic tapes which contain Ferrite magnetic powder. Retail stores such as Bunnings and/or Officeworks often stock weaker Ferrite magnetic strips, which can be cheaper. The superior hold of Neodymium magnetic tape is reflected by the more expensive purchase price. The type of magnetic tape you choose will depend on the amount of strength required for your application and the size of your budget.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More