What is the best product for magnetically attaching a flyscreen to a window frame?

Most window frames are wood or aluminium and as such will require an A and B magnetic system, adding a magnetic tape to each of these non-magnetic surfaces to allow for a magnetic attachment to each other.

A and B matched tape systems are designed to work together as a pair and bond to each other with opposite magnetic poles. The tape comes with adhesive on the back which is on the opposite side to its A or B partner tape. This ensures correct pole alignment when the tapes are used to bond two different surfaces together ie; one surface with A and the other surface with B.

A and B matched tapes attract to each other and eliminate the need for metallic surfaces to create a magnetic bond. They are commonly used to fit double glazing inside timber and aluminium windows which is easy to remove, or to fit fly screens to non-metallic window frames; A-type tape on the window frame and B-type tape on the screen.

When purchasing your Tape please ensure you order part A and B of the same pair, for example (59029A and 59029B) or (59063A and 59063B).