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Magnets of all sizes, including small magnets with relatively low holding strength, can come in many forms and depending on the type of magnet, can be low in magnetic strength for different reasons. For example, because Neodymium magnets are so much stronger(x10) than magnets made from other magnetic materials, they can be highly effective with only minute physical dimensions. For this reason, small Neodymium magnets are sometimes called micro-magnets. Some of these mini magnets are capable of holding 60 times their own weight. These tiny and powerful Neodymium magnets are often incorporated into the design and operation of electronic goods and other high-tech devices where their compact dimensions do not compromise their effectiveness. Small, low pull-force magnets can also be made from hard Ferrite, flexible Ferrite or Neodymium rubberised compounds and a few small magnets contain Alnico magnetic material. Neodymium flexible and Ferrite flexible tape and sheeting strengths/pull forces are measured in pull-force per cm².

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0kg - 0.5kg

Magnets with 0.5kg pull force or less can be of any shape including Rings, Blocks, Discs and Cylinders and all these magnets are usually less than 30mm in diameter. Small disc magnets are a popular shape for a range of commercial applications because their low height dimension allows them to be positioned inside narrow or confined spaces. Small Neodymium magnets are ideal for electronic consumer goods where they are valued for their enormous strength and compact size, while small Ferrite/Ceramic magnets are popular with hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts because of their affordable price point and anti-corrosive properties.

Small magnets are ideal for lightweight or delicate holding applications.

If your hobby or passion requires the use of delicate metal utensils or metal fasteners, you'll find magnets can really make a difference to the way you work and how you organise your work area. Small magnets are excellent for gathering and storing the metal pins, needles and paper clips required for your work or hobby which can sometimes be difficult to locate and access when you need them. Needlework, dressmaking and haberdashery projects are examples of the type of work that can benefit from the use of small magnets to keep metal accessories in order. Organise your metal leatherwork tools and supplies with small magnets glued to your workshop wall or toolbox. For those who like to design and make their own fashion items, AMF has sew-able magnets that offer a clever magnetic alternative to common fasteners and clasps. Find these plastic enclosed stitch-able magnets and a range of other popular DIY magnetic products in the AMF Hobby and Craft magnet category.

Find the most appropriate magnet for your artistic creation or DIY project.

Different types of small magnets have properties that are more suited to certain applications. Small magnets with low or moderate holding strength can bond with metal or steel surfaces with little impact to paints or coatings on the metal surface. For instance, small Ceramic type magnets have mild adhesive strength but are extremely resistant to corrosion and are therefore ideal for outdoor use. Conversely, small Neodymium magnets made from rare earth elements are both strong and relatively inexpensive considering how effective they are, but are not suitable for high-temperature environments (>80℃) or long term exposure to the elements. Remember to include Flexible Magnets when considering the right type of low strength magnet for your particular needs. Flexible magnets can be extremely appropriate for certain types of applications where curved metal surfaces are involved.

Check the FAQ and Knowledge Base pages for helpful information on how to use magnets and read about some of the great ideas our customers have come up with for the everyday use of small and low strength magnets.


Best uses for small magnets?

Small magnets in their various forms are very practical and suited to many holding and adhesion applications. Magnets can be used wherever ferrous metal surfaces are present. Whether you want to keep a door open, keep a drawer closed, attach art to the fridge, attach decorations, suspend kitchen utensils, hang tools, attach lighting or hang a sign, small magnets are one of the easiest and least conspicuous methods of attachment you can choose. One of the oldest and most famous applications for small magnets is in the pickups of electric guitars which, through the popularity of music and the influence of iconic performers and artists of that time, have impacted the arts, politics and culture of modern society since the 1960s.

Where can I buy small magnets?

AMF Magnetics aims to provide the range, quality and customer service to help you find the ideal magnetic product for your requirements at the right price. Browse the AMF online store or contact us to get helpful advice from our friendly staff. Online customers receive free standard shipping for online orders over $30 when you purchase your magnets via the 24/7 AMF website which has secure payment systems and fast Australia-wide shipping options.  Visit the terms and conditions page for more information about payments, shipping and returns.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More