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Hanging Artwork

Need to display a child's drawing on the fridge door or exhibit the work of a famous artist in a commercial gallery? No matter whether you use these magnets to hang prints or original artworks, they are a very effective way to display artworks of all kinds. Magnets in their various forms provide an excellent solution to getting art onto walls. Many art galleries, museums, corporate offices and schools increasingly turn to magnets to hang and display artwork. Magnetic attachment systems offer a more contemporary and more practical way to display art than traditional methods involving hooks, wire, nails and screws. These traditional methods are more permanent by nature and not really suited to the constantly changing environment of art spaces like galleries, art colleges, showrooms and exhibition halls. Attaching artwork magnetically is seen by many in the art world as an appealing and viable alternative to the more common methods of hanging artwork.

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Hanging Artwork

Contemporary artists, sculptors and the creators of inspiring art installations often prefer to use more modern and sophisticated mounting techniques to display their work. Many are finding that magnetic attachment methods really fit the bill in this regard. Securing artwork to walls with magnets can be simple, economical and easy to execute. Permanently damaged wall surfaces and the time-consuming repair work needed afterwards are things of the past when magnets are used to display art on walls. 

Magnets for Hanging Prints

Hanging pictures with magnets in galleries makes them easily interchangeable at the end of an exhibition or when an artistic work is sold. Hanging prints with magnets at home can provide a clean, simple minimalist look to your walls and can also enhance the appearance of an artwork. Neodymium disc and cylinder magnets are extremely strong magnets and the most suitable for this purpose. 

How to Hang Pictures and Prints with Magnets

Techniques for hanging artwork magnetically can be varied and usually depend on the size and weight of the artwork you want to display. Heavy-duty rare earth disc magnets may be needed for hanging large art pieces in some circumstances while others may require the use of super-strong Neodymium cylinder magnets or the especially prepackaged Magnart product. Magnart is a ready-made magnetic art hanging kit that contains everything you need to magnetically attach the artwork to any type of wall surface. The kits include cylinder magnets, metal tabs, double-sided adhesive and plastic caps to prevent damage to surfaces. The Magnart system is designed to be reusable to provide both convenience and economy. No matter which technique you choose, in most cases, you will need to establish a metal surface on the wall for the magnets to bond with. This can be done with a self-adhesive metal tab, a glued or screwed-on steel washer or with adhesive-backed metal tape, all of which are available for purchase on the AMF website.
Neodymium Pot magnets with hooks can also be used to hang artwork from steel surfaces.


Can I hang art on the wall using magnets?
Magnets are an excellent, non-invasive option for attaching art to walls. AMF supplies metal tabs and double-sided adhesive-backed tape that can be used to create a contact point on walls for magnets to bond with. They are sold in packets of 8 each. Also, consider our Magnart kits which are available in a range of sizes and provide everything you need to hang art magnetically. You can also use a steel non-magnetic strip to hang artwork. This steel tape has an adhesive backing so it attaches to the wall. Cut the steel strip to match, or be a little shorter than the width of your artwork and attach it to the wall with the adhesive backing. Use one or more strips depending on the weight of your artwork. Magnets glued to the back of your artwork can then attach magnetically to the wall-mounted metal strip. Recess the magnets flush for a flat look or fit them a little proud to create a shadow on the wall.

Information to help you hang art magnetically can be found in the FAQ and Knowledge Base pages.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More