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Hanging Artwork

Hanging art with our magnetic products is the best way to avoid damage to walls in your home or office. AMF has worked with many artists, art galleries and museums to create professional and sleek looking temporary exhibitions, all with the power or our magnets.

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Hanging Artwork

Our small pin magnets and hook magnets use neodymium magnetic power which provides the strength to hold and suspend artwork safely. Depending on the weight and size of your artwork, you may need multiple magnets or magnets with higher pull forces. Our neodymium magnets are extremely strong for their size. This means a sleek, modest magnet can hold your artwork without being offensive to the eye. 

Using a metal plate or tab attached to your wall by a strong glue allows for the magnetic bonding to occur. Alternatively you can use self-adhesive steel plates or tape. or screwed on countersunk metal washer or neodymium ring magnets. Once a metal surface has been created on the wall, magnets can bond through the canvas or any other material to hold it in the required position. 

A neodymium magnet can be recessed into a timber framed artwork by drilling a hole into the back of the frame. This allows attachment to a wall without hooks or nails. Hook and eyelet neodymium pot magnets can also be used to suspend temporary decorations and art for parties, festivals and outdoor events as they can attach to steel structures, scaffolding and fencing.

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