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Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets

AMF Magnetics Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets are used for jigs, fixtures, holding and gripping applications where there are height restrictions. Our Alnico Magnets are manufactured with Nickel, Cobalt and Alnico Magnetic Alloys. This gives them advantageous magnetic properties like corrosion resistance and high-temperature stability. All our Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets are C5 grade.

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Alnico Shallow Pot Magnets

Alnico Magnets aren’t as strong as permanent magnets such as rare earth magnets and ceramic magnets. However, they have stronger magnetic mechanical strength because they are both hard and brittle.

Alnico pot magnets are most popularly used in jigs and fixtures. These assemblies are special-purpose tools to facilitate production. Alnico Shallow pot magnets are used to hold machined parts in place and clamping to work stations.

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