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20kg - 50kg

AMF Magnetics stocks a huge range of magnets; from large powerful magnets used in industrial applications to tiny micro magnets for high-tech commercial products. AMF also supplies the highly popular Neodymium magnets and magnetic equipment and tools. Strong magnets with the correct specifications are required to hold the large weights in this 20-50kg pull-force classification. Nearly all the products in this strength classification are rare earth magnets which include large magnetic discs, magnetic cylinders and other magnet shapes. The neodymium magnets are the dominant magnetic material type with some Alnico magnets and a couple of holding pot ferrite magnets being the exceptions.

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20kg - 50kg

The products in this category have been grouped by their 20-50kg pull-force. The filter on the left side of the category page can help you include or eliminate these magnets according to shape, magnetic grade, surface coating, type of use, price or direction of magnetism. If you need help or advice regarding your magnet selection, please contact us. You will also find helpful information on a range of magnetic products and their many applications in the FAQ & Knowledge Base articles.

There are currently 64 different magnets in this 20-50kg category which includes Pot magnets made from both Neodymium and Ferrite material. Pot magnets are capped with steel and are designed to have increased holding strength compared to a standard magnet. These Pot magnets are more cost-effective and because they have an attachment fitting as part of the steel protective case, are also very practical.

Magnetic Equipment and Tools.

Among the products in this pull force range are some rubber-handled magnetic tools from the Magnetic Equipment and Tools product range. Here you can find magnetic tools adapted to every type of industry and trade. Some magnetic sweeper products are used to remove and collect swarf from workshop floors while others are better suited to collecting waste metal from hard-to-reach places.

Separator bars use magnets concealed inside a food-grade stainless steel tube to keep food processing systems in factories free from metal contaminants. Magnetic Lifters are available in a range of rated lifting capacities and are used to lift and load metal sheets and pipes. These lifers operate without electric power and can be turned off and on by pulling a lever to retract the magnet and isolate the magnetic field. The most powerful AMF lifter can hold up to 200kg! Any kind of business that uses steel or fabricates steel products will find these magnetic lifters invaluable.

Many AMF customers use magnets to replace traditional fasteners.

If the damage caused by drilling or by screwing into painted metal is of concern to you then magnets may be the ideal solution. Nails, screws and bolts penetrate materials and cause permanent damage to the surfaces they bond together. This often leads to water ingress into areas that need to be sealed or kept dry which, over time, can become very problematic. There are many situations where one or two carefully positioned magnets can solve this type of problem.

AMF has North and South adhesive-backed paired Neodymium magnets that can attach to opposing surfaces so they bind together magnetically. This avoids the need for messy glues and damaging fasteners. Even better is that once established, a magnetic bond between surfaces can be broken and then instantly reinstated at any time!

There are also rubber-coated Pot magnets in this 20-50kg category. They contain an arrangement of strong Neodymium disc magnets. This type of magnet is ideal for protecting painted metal surfaces and is part of the AMF rubber-coated Holding Pot Magnet range. Some have convenient handles to help position the magnet correctly and others have male or female thread attachment holes.

When purchasing standard Ring, Block, Disc and Cylinder shape magnets without attachment options or enhancements it can be helpful to consider the N Grade strength of each magnet. Higher N Grade magnets have a stronger holding capacity and may be more suitable for certain applications. Contact us for help and advice about which magnet suits your project or browse the FAQ and Knowledge Base pages for information and answers to common questions and issues regarding magnet applications.

Best uses for magnets with 20kg-50kg pull force?

Many of the lower-priced products in this category are of the Neodymium Pot style magnet which is ideal for attaching, clamping or holding applications. These Pot magnets have a sturdy metal case and can be fitted to other surfaces using the thread or attachment hole. Once secured the magnets can then be used to conveniently hang or store your metal tools or equipment.

Other magnets in this 20-50kg category are used for industrial applications where strong magnetic power is needed for separation and decontamination purposes. Mining companies, power companies and renewable energy companies use magnets of considerable strength to produce energy or recover resources. Electrical equipment including motors, generators and transformers rely on permanent magnets like the ones in this category to operate efficiently.

Audio equipment in the arts and music industry including speakers, microphones and amplifiers also depend on magnetic fields to produce and transfer sound.

AMF is sure to have the magnet you're looking for no matter what your field of work or interest.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More