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Whiteboard Magnets

AMF Magnetics supply magnetic buttons, card holders, push pin magnets, pockets, magnetic strips, and clips. They are a great organisation tool to add to your home or office magnet collection. Our Whiteboard magnets are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes.

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Whiteboard Magnets

Our Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Strips are flexible magnets that are easily cut. They provide a great solution for adhering documents to whiteboards for refrigerators. Our rare earth magnetic Push Pins and Ferrite Magnetic Buttons come in a variety of colours and combine sturdiness with style.

These strong magnets are effective for displaying and securing items onto any metallic surface. Not just whiteboard accessories, they can be used as refrigerator magnets, or for any type of magnetic boards. Whiteboard Magnets can be used for adhering notes, messages or any kind of documents at your office, classroom, home or factory. Their strength allows for holding the thickest of documents, calendars and files.

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