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Magnetic Pockets and Card Holders

AMF Magnetics supplies a wide range of Magnetic Card Holders and Pockets. These magnetic document holders are the perfect tool for visual presentation to help plan, schedule and organise any work environment.

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Magnetic Pockets and Card Holders

Our Magnetic Card Holders & Pockets are made from strong flexible magnetic material. They are ideal for displaying labels & documents. These products differ from our standard Magnetic Labels in that they have a built-in plastic sleeve. This allows you to insert your own customised labels with the ability to easily remove and replace them. These magnetic storage pockets are durable and have flexible sides that allow for easy insertion of documents. They have a see-through protective plastic sleeve on the front surface, to hold and display documents without damage.

Shop The Range of Magnetic Pockets & Label Holders

AMF Magnetics supply a wide range of magnetic card holders and pockets. They are available in a variety of colours. AMF also offers magnetic C and U-channel rubberised label holder strips, which perform a similar function to the magnetic card holders. If you would like a magnetic label that you can write directly onto with a whiteboard marker, please see our magnetic labels.

This collection of magnetic card holders & pockets come in a variety of sizes. We stock small sized pockets that can be used for strip sized labels. Our larger pockets can hold larger signs and information documents. These larger magnetic pockets can also be used to house items like whiteboard accessories and display them directly on the whiteboard. This makes for an easy way to access items like magnetic pins, buttons or markers.

AMF Magnetics has a huge range of flexible, whiteboard and office magnets. Look no further for all your magnetic office/whiteboard accessories and labelling products. AMF Magnets offers same day despatch

Uses for Our Magnetic Pocket Range

AMF’s magnetic document holders can be used in many different settings. They are the perfect tool for visual presentation to help plan, schedule and organise in any work environment. Use in schools or workplaces for organising documents, or in warehouses for identifying stock. They are essential for presenting information professionally and clearly.

The plastic sleeve capability allows you to easily and quickly switch out information. This makes our magnetic pockets ideal for information or communication boards that are constantly changing. The magnetic backing of the label holders can adhere to whiteboards, memo boards, metal shelving, fridges, or any metallic object.

Magnetic wall pockets are frequently used in schools, classrooms and training facilities. They are useful as school or gym locker organisers, to display names where occupants may be changing regularly. Our larger magnetic pockets can be used as magnetic storage pockets for holding important items, whiteboard accessories and classroom organisation.

This product can be used as a magnetic business card holder or to present information and posters on any metallic surface. You can customise your own labels with whatever design you like. Simply insert your personalised label into the magnetic card holder and remove when you are ready to change out the information.

Magnetic card holders are also often used in industries such as hospitality and events. In these industries they serve as a magnetic name badge that can adhere to clothing via a metal plate. This means less damage to clothing as no clips or pins are needed. Simply hold a small metal plate to the back of the fabric and the card holder to the front and let them magnetically bond. The interchangeable nature of the magnetic card holder pockets also means you can easily switch out names for changing or casual staff members.

If you require any more information about our Magnetic Pockets and Card Holders, please contact our sales team.


How do you use magnetic card holders and magnetic pockets?
Magnetic card holders and magnetic pockets are easy to use. First, insert the label or document you would like to display into the plastic sleeve. Then place the magnetic backing onto the metallic surface you would like to display your document. It will adhere to metallic surfaces such as a whiteboard, locker, warehouse racking or memo board.

What is a magnetic card holder and magnetic pocket?
Magnetic card holders and pockets are made from strong, flexible magnetic material. Our magnetic card holders and pockets are created with an inbuilt protective sleeve on the front surface. You can insert your own labels or documents to be displayed.

What type of magnetic place card holders and magnetic pockets does Magnet.Com.Au offer?
AMF stocks magnetic pockets in a wide range of colours: red, white and blue. They are also available in multiple sizes. AMF also offers write-on magnetic labels and C and U Channel Label holders. These are similar to our magnetic pockets in that they hold labels, however they are a magnetised rubber strip.
How do I choose the right magnetic card holder and magnetic pocket for me?
This depends on your usage. Our smaller, label strip sized magnetic holders are ideal for housing labels such as name labels or stock identification. We have larger sized magnetic pockets that can be used for storing larger documents or storing items such as whiteboard accessories.


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