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School and Office

If you're looking to buy magnetic products for office use or to make the learning experience in the classroom more entertaining and practical by introducing magnetic educational items into lessons, then the AMF online store is a great place to start. You can find magnetic accessories of every kind on our website including magnetic products that improve office and workplace efficiency or other magnetic products that enhance class activities and increase student engagement levels. 

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School and Office

School and Office


Browse the AMF website to find Whiteboard Magnets, Pin magnets and Memo Clip magnets in every size, shape and colour. Flexible A3 printable sheets as well as flexible steel, non-magnetic sheeting with self-adhesive on the back are ideal for making your own magnetic signage or magnetic whiteboard. Sign holder magnets with adjustable arms and plastic sleeve magnets for retail store POS and staff meeting rooms are also included in the range. The Supamag stationary magnet range contains multi-purpose magnets for both the office and classroom.

AMF Range of Magnets for Schools and Office Organisation and Displays

Magnetic Labels that are easy to attach to metal surfaces like filing cabinets, shelves and magnetic whiteboards are another popular product. Handwritten names of staff, students or product identification codes can be added as required and removed with a dry eraser or damp cloth so the label can be reused. These convenient and economical Magnetic Labels are available in varying sizes, thicknesses, plain white, or a range of colours. The AMF website has coloured Ferrite Button Magnets that can hold diagrams, maps or architectural drawings to a magnetic whiteboard or any steel surface. These coloured magnetic buttons can also be used to identify different employees and their sales area on a map or to represent the location of an individual commercial outlet or store. Magnetic cardholders are another versatile magnetic product. They allow printed or handwritten paper or cardboard labels to attach magnetically to a metal surface. Place your paper identification label or card into the clear plastic magnetic sleeve so it attaches magnetically to metal and can be removed or replaced as the need arises. Strong Neodymium hook magnets that can suspend arts, crafts, signs, calendars keys and cables around the office or classroom are another practical magnetic accessory to consider. Buy your school or office magnets and other magnetic accessories from our secure AMF online store. Choose the payment and shipping options to suit your budget and receive FREE AUSTRALIA-WIDE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $30!


Do magnets stick to whiteboards?
Magnets will only adhere to MAGNETIC type whiteboards. The backing or substrate of the magnetic whiteboard must be made from steel sheeting so the magnets can be attached. Thicker steel sheeting will provide better magnetic adhesion for the magnets. The whiteboard writing surface is often made from Glass, Porcelain or Acrylic materials and the considerable gap this creates between the writing surface and the steel backing means small but strong Neodymium Pin Magnets are best suited for attaching to magnetic whiteboards.

How to use magnets in the office?
Pin magnets made from Neodymium material can be used to hold papers, diagrams or maps to a magnetic whiteboard. Strong Magnetic hooks and Countersunk Pot magnets can suspend lights, signage, tools and equipment from steel surfaces in the office or workshop. Flexible magnetic sheeting with peel-away adhesive backing can turn printed graphics into magnetic signage or create a magnetic surface on a painted internal office wall or partition. Flexible A4 printable magnetic paper is ideal for making magnetic signs and notices. Soundproofing and insulation glazing for the office or studio can be attached to windows and walls with the AMF magnetic tape system. These flexible tapes attach to each of the surfaces with a self-adhesive backing and then the opposing pole tapes bond together magnetically to keep the glazing or sound deadening material attached to the window frame.

What magnets are best for the office?
Flexible magnets in pre-cut label sizes are very popular in office environments. They can be written on and used to label and identify all types of steel shelving, pallet racking, equipment and filing cabinets. Magnetic A4 and A3 printer paper and magnetic A4 sheet with peel-away adhesive backing are also popular in the office for making magnetic signs etc. Super strong coloured Pin Magnets made from Neodymium are the best for use on glass or ceramic magnetic office whiteboards. Magnetic Pocket Holders and Memo Clips are ideal for keeping product documents and helpful customer information organised.

How are magnets used in schools?
Educational institutions at all levels find Alnico magnets to be an ideal magnet for teaching purposes. These relatively weak magnets are safe to handle and can be painted with coloured markings that help students learn about the properties of magnetic fields and also help to identify the flow of magnetic energy between the North and South poles. Iron filings and Ferrofluid are often used to map or track the otherwise invisible magnetic field path. Schools also use magnets for practical everyday use. Magnetic whiteboard pins, magnetic sheeting, magnetic document holders and magnetic name badges are a few of the many magnetic products to be found in school environments.


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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More