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Flat, circular disc magnets are a versatile shape and essential for customers across a wide range of large industries as well as being popular with small home-based hobby enthusiasts. Depending on the application, different disc magnets made from varying magnetic materials and varying in size may be more suitable for an application than others.

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Ceramic disc magnets for example, are not as powerful as most other magnets but have better resilience when exposed to corrosive atmospheres and high temperatures. Neodymium is a rare earth magnetic material and is extremely strong but can also be susceptible to heat and corrosion. Since its introduction in recent decades, Neodymium has been highly influential in increasing the use of magnetism in science, industry and society in general.

Disc shaped magnets have naturally broad, flat pole areas that make them suitable for holding and attachment purposes.This leads to their use as tools to keep cupboard doors and drawers in the closed position or to make non-ferrous surfaces magnetic. Epoxy glue is a common method for attaching disc magnets but a hole drilled into plastic or timber to hold the magnet safely in place is also favoured.

Manufacturers of Neodymium disc magnets often attach a steel cup on one side of the disc to deflect both poles to the same side, thus increasing magnetic power and the holding ability of the already powerful magnet. This type of disc magnet is also called a Holding Pot magnet and often has an eyelet or hook attached to the cap for the suspension of non-magnetic items such as rope or cables. The round, low height dimensions of a disc-shaped magnet makes it easy to fit inside slim, high-tech products and also makes them suitable as components in sensitive detection equipment such as sensors,audio pickups and microphones.

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